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Good work guys, will give more feedback soon.

Heres one of my new ones

Sounds dirty, nice job !
@The Thrillz lovin it, maybe that there is more hiting clap would sound much better but that melody is amazing
@Marc Duncan recruit is not my kind sounds too simple , but this teardrops has some great vibe about it good job
@Oliv-E sounds good piano and that background guitar is dope , but that sound that comes around 1:14 is annoying :D

@KZA good stuff , especially love that melody thath comes around 1:46 that some kind flute
@Hypermanbeatz sounds good maybe i would add something else beside this main melody it sounds somehow empty

here is mine
I Like booth, but the second, catch me, It's an original style, have a slow melody, and also a texture making a contrast, criative and well mixed. congrats.

There a litle scratch of a beat !


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@The Thrillz I''m feelin this beat bro!! Along with the visual this puts me in a very good mood. Everything sounds good.
@Marc Duncan Teardrops is definetely gonna be a great song if you can find the right artist. First beat was good the only thing is the melody sounded like that "Shoulder Lean" song I think T.I. made a while back, and a better sound would improve it a lot, either way nice job.
@Oliv-E Very professional arrangement, sound choice, and I like the vocal snippett you put in.
@nottr overall good beat, the only thing I didn't care for was the start of the beat to me the drums were too much, but once the beat changed around 1:45 to the end the beat got very interesting. Loved the guitar. On the second beat don't know how you did that but that electric bass or whatever that was is sick!!
@KZA the beat is laced nicely it's just with that style I have to be in a mood to vibe to it, good beat just not my favorite style.
@Hypermanbeatz this beat got me hyped, made me want to freestyle.
@Fantom 91 first beat is on point love the way it knocks. The second beat is clean and is very well put together to say the least. That J Cole type goes hard! Easily a banger.
@Primz Man the way that beat drops is crazy, I felt that. I think you could have cut the vocal out some but that's just me. Fire.
@EsquireMusic111 What's Good bro! I always love your beats because the melody's are always well put together and the flow of the song never get's dull which is essential to having a great song. Keep em coming.
@GlockNRoll This one is on point the only thing that needs to be fixed is how muffled it sounds.
@AlphaStudart love where this is going with that wah wah sound! If you can beef those drums up it can definetely thump. Nice setup also!
@KongoRampoozy That kick drum goes in!! Gives the track that classic southern feel.


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Needed a break from making beats so I decided to play one of my riffs to Kanye West's "Use This Gospel" which was extremely fun especially when Kenny G comes in on the sax lol


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In my opinion, the chops are great. The bassline, sound a little out of tone, maybe you can find a plungin with more fidelity if you want to use a real bass guitar sound.
Yeah I always struggle with finding good bass sounds if I am trying to recreate a real bass sound. Thanks for the feedback


Hyperman - yoo that beat is raw, bangs hard.. You from the UK? Got a UK feel to it.

Fantom - cool beats, you got a very clean professional sound! Can hear some big names over your beats

Primz - thats a mad beat, got a UK feel to your beats too, would go off in a rave

@EsquireMusic111 - damn!! now thats fire, thats a hit man, i love that sound, id love to work with you, i just followed you on instagram, we got mutual followers too.

Fanton - Wow, now THIS is a fire beat, real real dope, id love to rock on this

Kongo - this is a head bopper, i like it, isnt the type id rap on but i do like it

Alpha - real smooth, could be used in a movie or a game

Slime - yeah this cool, another smooth relaxing beat, props bro!

Un4zn - Got a horror theme to this, reminds me of halloween lol


I dont produce, i rap..

Hope its cool i post a music video in here..

Taken off my album

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@The Thrillz
Really nice beat man, got nothing to add to that.

@Marc Duncan
Not much on the first joint, but Taerdrop was really nice. I would settle it down on the melody though, IMO it was too much. I would split in almost half and its a full win for me.

Really chill man... but that 1:14 sound needs a revamp. I know what you were going for, but I think you can do better and that is a pure fire hit man. Super nice.

Perugia was really nice, but too much going on for me. Intro is a little long winded to get to the beat and @2:19... need more of that less of the other stuff because that beat is rocking man...really really nice. That is my opinion anyhow

Bumpin ass beat! Nicely done.. not much I can say about it other than I would have bigger breaks in it. Hi Hat rolls, hats and kick variables. But I could put this in my car and ride to it all day.

I got nothing to say here about par... knockin bro... :fire:

@Fantom 91
First beat is nice, intro is really good and the second beat is nice as well, seem both ready for a rapper to pop on em.

Nice mix man... fire right thar

Nice beat man, needs more change-ups but I feel it bro on "Runnin" and "No Surprise", as someone else said, maybe a guitar baseline?

@DJ Dope-Needlz
Needs some mix work for sure, but nice first efforts man

Cant really comment on it as it isnt a style for me, sorry to be of no help here

Lil too much on the bass for me and as someone else said, has that holloween feel to it but in a good way.

That is straight :fire: man...very fun one, awesome work!

Heres somethin I been workin on
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