Showcase - April 2-8, 2018

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Johni Cleveland

Rhythmist, and sound Arcivist.
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Good evening everyone, wanted to share one of my beat videos

@GRTBTZ interesting sound you have going on. Kinda reminds me of something MIA would be on. I like the drum work mostly.

@dBtheProducer i really like what you did with this. Nice work here. Very clean. Gave it a like.

@Copyno That beat is realln nice man, Keep up the good work. Gave it a like.



I just released a new beattape. 4 track EP inspired by The Godfather.



superpimp trillionaire
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good work everyone. real quick;
I liked pack up by Matt D
I agree with db and add that your drums could be louder and overall the track feels kind of damped.
I like the sample selection all around.

I liked jamaican sunrise it sounded like it was always there without sounding like a rip-off. nice.

I liked bounce's composition if not some of the sounds. the level of the drums allowed the track to sit in the background as I paced in my room. there was an energy building element bt also a constantly "there" pad that didn't allow the energy changing element to raise the intensity, it never got past that sustaining pulsing element...

I'd like to hear that knocked down one couple handfuls of semitones

thizzbeats. nice work. might be me, maybe I don't get new drum fashion but most of these drums have no attack. your drop was heavy, and kinda punched but it didn't snap. etc... maybe that's just me.

syadu , can only suggest more life for the kick. tho it got robotic quickly, sounds like a hit in the making.

producer vibes ill soundset...I feel like I can hear your swing settings, is that intended? nice track.

soaring good work

gtrbtz east to west I didn't like it
I wanted to hear a surprise drop and the samples flipped like industrial, but that never happened, so I am dispoint. peace

Im back was nice... I'd say it needs a lil more work, not sure what, but I'd pu it away for two weeks and come back to it.

check me out...
hope everyone had a good weekend, just got back into town here is mine for the week feedback will be returned.
Nice track man! You used a really dope sample! Those ambient noises you added were pretty cool too. I loved lofi adn boom bap beats and you made that love grow! Awesome job!


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@odbarq yeah you are right it is muffled fixing it today. I like this beat I think it is very creative, and you did a great job of teasing me from about 6-9 seconds in with that loop, I outta find a way to illegally download that beat and loop it up so I can put it on my ipod lol.
@unorthodoxbeatz thanks for the feedback. Love the drums in this beat, really gives the beat that drive and brings it to life. I also think that it is very well arranged. Good Stuff!!!
@SCOTT LIDDELL love this kind of stuff because the melody and sound is on point, and it's not overcrowded. Fire
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