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@2GooD Productions
"2nd Best" – If you replaced the bass sound with something more aggressive and stuttered after the drop the beat would be epic. Something similar to what you did on “FL Trap”.

"Flying Guitar Flip 2. Complete" – Drum kit, bass and sample blend well together. I’m feeling this!

“Better Now” - I like the concept. Work on the piano riff a little more it sounds a bit off in key. The mixing needs a touch up, especially in the lower end.

@Marc Duncan
You can’t go wrong with a classic sample. Mixing needs some work. String sample volume is too high and too “open”. Try to lessen the stereo width of the sample.


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@2GooD Productions - 2nd Best is dope. I would thin out the underlined bassy synth and you str8. FL TRAP sounds hip hop/edm ...especially when the transformer sound comes in. Flying guitar is dope and well constructed and nicely mixed. As always Quality work.
@Matt-D - it said video unavailable for me...ok I got on the laptop. This is really nice Bro. mix is on point and the beat is not overcooked. nice work

@Un4zn - nice electronica hip hop vibe...dope beat and mix
@Marc Duncan -this would be doper if you chop the sample up a lil more and tone down the low end.
@Edgar - this is hella dope. Change ups would take it to another level. Dope
@stcbeats -John Doe love the dark vibe...and the change ups with just the bubbles is dope. Nice work
@Kod4R -chill mood...this is a flavor. Chops on point. I would filter out samples just to clean them up a tad. I know sample static is nostalgic but that’s just my preference. this rightchere...dope
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@2GooD Productions flying guitar and 2nd best are well executed but not my taste really on the other hand fl trap is ffire man maybe i would put some effects on thoes brass element to make it thicker but stil FIRE
@Matt-D i rarely stuble upon good remixes but man this is on point great job my man
@Un4zn not my cup of tea :D but sounds very proffessional easily could be a soundtrack to some game

@Marc Duncan interesanting choice of sample but you nailed it sound very interesanting
@Edgar this is my shit f loving it a litle bit reptitive but good job

@skidflow got that 90s boombap feel to it i like it
@Kod4R love the drums on this one but i feel you could do more with that sample
@stcbeats as soon starts that melody at 1:25 i stoped trust me sounds much better with out it

2GooD Productions

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here is something i experimented this week
I could hear this in a movie, picture this a guy in a night club, but somebody has spiked his drink, the room is spinning and hes desperate to go and find somewhere to sit down. Flashing lights, snappy cinematography and this beat as the soundtrack.
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