Showcase - April 27-March 3, 2020

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Fantom 91

@2GooD Productions sounds good very refreshing to put it like that loved the drum pattern , and the ride the punnany is fire man great mix it all blends together pretty good really lovin it
@Primz there is nothing to say here
really straight fire :D
@Fo.Rillaz trapwhat is the best one stick to that style it suits you the best

im continuing with some experimentation with some oriental sounds and differnt styles
here is the new one
@Marc Duncan I really love how crisp and edgy the drums/hi hats are, gives me chill bill/robstone vibes lol
@Fantom 91 that crunchy sounding clap snare thing sounds dope and I love those
@Digitali Musix I really like your drum pattern and choice of sounds in this but I think the drums just need to be fattened up a little in the mix

Here's a hard beat I just made with a Japanese sample, lmk what you guys think
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