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@2GooD Productions: I like the strings that you have in this production, I personally would make the drums have more of a low end frequency and make them knock more and possibly change the timbre of the keys but it’s a good structure overall. It sounds very cinematic, good work.

@Marc Duncan: - I like the chiptune beat, but honestly I am biased because I just like the sound of chiptune. I feel like if you get the right person to rap on a chiptune beats, it could be a new trend in hip hop. I like it, especially the use of the video game vocals. Good mix too. No complaints on my end
I also like this beat, nice synth programming and the percussion drops out every once in awhile to make things interesting. Good work.

Here is my beat, all guitar parts were composed and performed by yours truly:



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Yoo! I'm sharing 3 beats this showcase
I actually tried to Mix this one properly so I guess I'd like feedback on this one

These two I just post so you can see the difference when I upload a better mixed version



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There is only one tiny sample in it, the guitar, two notes. I ended up recreating the strings because the original had some drums that were really annoying.
Actually I sampled that song too, but it was years ago so ut kinda sounded like shit. Btw if u want any feedback I'd say the drums dont sound so good. Im on phone rn tho, imma give u full feedback when I get on pc


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@2GooD Productions I think the kick and snare sound a little wrong, the snare sounds really mechanical and with the strings it sounds out of place. Some of your orchestral sounds also sound a bit dated, but overall I do like the track, You have a melodic element that comes and goes that sounds maybe like a weird Wurlitzer or almost a synth with a delay on it. I like that element a lot.

@Marc Duncan HEY CHIPTUNES! Nice. I like both of these tracks. Not sure what you are doing with them but the only thing I would say is the mix needs a bit more life and maybe you could build out more of a verse-chorus structure. I like both of these

@Chad This track has next to no kick and the guitar parts sound out of time. Your strings are just wondering without direction. I think this one needs more work. I would love to hear it after a but more TLC.

@TRIPLE EIGHT This mix is better but your low end is still a mess. The kick doesn't hit at all and I feel like this track needs it. I think that vocal sample gets a little repetitive and takes away from 2pacs flow and the emcee is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of any hip hop song. Music is a distant second. Maybe do that ever other measure and let it breath a little? Other than that I like this track quite a lot.

And here is my track, it has StressWon on it of Illmuzik fame and I would love some feedback on the music video. This is for the next Drunk Pedestrians album and none of this is out in public yet.

Click the Wevideo link below to view.

What do you think?
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2GooD Productions

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@thedreampolice this is really good seems to favour the bass more than the high end(EDIT: Just listened to a couple of my own tracks, scratch that comment), but this really reminds me of The Roots, especially during the rap. Great work man.

@Marc Duncan This is dope, did you sample Mario or Sonic or something? Anyway, it works whatever you did.
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@2GooD Productions Either you're real good at sampling or you're hella good at melodies, I dig it, I saw your comment, I should probably take some lessons from you someday.
@Marc Duncan dope beats, very clean, I like the video game style, you killed it.
@Chad Its interesting, It doesn't have focus, I respect and dig jam sessions, Maybe adding little guitar riffs might be easier, start simple, remember music without focus is just noise.
@8ight33n RIP JUICE WRLD, Good looking out, clean beat too.
@TRIPLE EIGHT I dig it, I haven't experimented with remixes so I don't wanna criticize the work. they're dope and I definitely respect it, good job
@thedreampolice dope production overall. sounds very neosoul. reminded me of short change hero by the heavy.

Here's my beat for the week, another submission I would've done for the competition. Got plenty of beats in the stash, and projects I'm working on, let me know what you think. Thanks!



@Jay-Dizzlr I like melody, and how all pads/extra chrords and stuff is layered, good vibe. Hi hats and main snare is too sharp, maybe other try other drum kits.
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