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@2GooD Productions I liked it until the "guitar?" hit at 0:47, I think it's too dry or sounds a lil too presety. Other than that, its a good production as usual no pun intented. Thank you for the feedback, Yeah the acapella is kind of a troll lol I'll drop it
@Marc Duncan First beat is cool, not the kind of music I listen to but it sounds good. The second beat lacks maybe another layer maybe some chords to make it more aggressive/epic? Cool beat tho
@Chad I like the vibe but the guitar sounds too offbeat? The beat is cool but the guitar riffs feel like they are not part of the beat sometimes. It could be a great song if it was fixed
@8ight33n can't comment, it's not what I listen to lol
@thedreampolice I guess you guys did not partake in No Nut November? lol Yeah the song is great, I like it better than the first one I listened to from you. Not sure what to say, it sounds pro as fuck. Why is this on WeVideo tho, you don't have a Youtube? Oh, nevermind, its not out yet, got it. Thank you for the feedback, I'll try to fix those drums and had some more bass. And maybe try a filter to make it less repetitive :up2:
@Jay-Dizzlr this shit cleaan!
@K.D.R. I like the vibe but not the melody, It made me think of Zelda tho
@stcbeats Kind of have a Uk Drill vibe to it, its less aggressive tho. Cool beat man
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY I dig it, nice hopeful sound, I like the electric piano slide, good shit
@ArvinArmani Yeah this is a good instrumental, really tense and engaging, I like the drums a lot even tho I prefer more swing on my drums. It reminded me of Welcome to Brownville by MOP for some reason. Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it, Yeah I'll try to get the guitar sound out or maybe try to make it less harsh. And good advice for the phaser on the drums!
@TjombaBeats More like Garage Rock/Hip Hop fusion lol. The drums do not feel rough enough for the beat, I like the vibe a lot tho
@skidflow Soothing production, I would have liked a melodic bassline at some point, but the beat is clean man, nothing bad to say
@artisanaljuice I like that a lot, cool production man
@Stoned Monk The drums feel a lil too subdued, Cool work on the piano, its nice, now you need an intro and a verse part, because It sounded like a chorus to be honest lol
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Monsieur Jo

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Yo this is a track I made, with one of my rapper friends rapping over it, in our native language (danish) feedback?

Monsieur Jo

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Rough beat done. Made this one with ableton just purchased the gold edition of waves some good plug ins between them. I made this one just dont know if its really hiphop aswell just a beat. Go check it out thank you for your time leave a comment. Constructive critism is welcome.
So hard homie good job

Monsieur Jo

Bumble Boy
Hows this as a Hiphop beat?

@TRIPLE EIGHT hardnottokill is gold! all i ask u to do is to remove the cute guitar sounds from sample, remove the acapella, and only loop the weirdass vocal part of the sample that comes in at 00:!6. thats sick af! also put a phaser or smth on the drums maybe? make it sound weird?

@thedreampolice musically, it was really good. specially the drums, i loved that. but the video ... it is a good one, it is attractive, but u need 2 things : 1. remove some lame parts like the slow motion girl shaking ass in the beginning, and add more unique stuff! like when the assshaker went away, the mood that the video had was awesome, it was unique enough to keep me watching, but u need a better idea than ... choosing midi keyboards. like something that people know better, nah? like choosing girls like smth like tinder, but the device showing the ass instead of face. this was an example, it is an awful idea, i know, but it is well known and unique, that's what makes a music video a hit.
Its got some oldschool vibes, its good, that sub bass is a little much tho
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