Showcase - February 26-March 4, 2018

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@Matt-D i like that chilled groove a lot, invites me to think about the world! nice drums and percs.

@MarcusEee interesting beat, but a little too crazy for me, that trumpet in the middle seems me a bit so loud!

@DEEZ BEATZ love it! sound great, drums hitting hard and the base is crazy, gj on this one!

@paulgayo1287 sounds good to me, like that chilled and melodic vibe with the keys!

@dBtheProducer your sampling sounds great everytime, as @DEEZ BEATZ said it reminds me of old ganstarap beats, too! nice work!

@Djoggerholic , this is real smooth. i'm a big piano and synth fan so this is definitely on my dope beats list
@Matt-D That melody was smooth as butter. That would be a great song for a R&B artist...GJ

@MarcusEee I like the direction of the beat, but the mixing is horrible, or maybe its not mixed at all?

@Wise That trip beat is bonkers. The snares goes nice with it

@DEEZ BEATZ Yet here's another banger you make. That sounds like its profession made

@dBtheProducer That flip sounds smooth. It reminds me of old Kanye...dopeness

@Djoggerholic That Bass man....its saucey. Also I like the switch up at the middle of the track.

Here's a Dragonball Z (Jap version) sample I just flipped Kinda Repetitive but whatever:
Ye it is kind of repetitive but it's really simple and catchy and I love dragon ball.Could simply use some variation or some break somewhere so it doesn't feel as repetitive.

Hey there some new music hope y’all enjoy ❤
Really like the aggressiveness of this track,it could really fit 6ix9ine or tee grizzley


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@Djogger Drums are bangin!! and everything sounds well put together, definitely a ready to go beat.
@Klypse nice flip! That's one I would like to hear Kanye on I think it would be a fun song imo
@SandmanP dope beats! My favorite one is Big Toy Boat mainly because of how the drums really match everything else, and the mix is on point.
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