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what daw do you use? I use reason so I found a vst plugin that has some 808s match it to my chords and play it like drums but within the chords so its not out of key. fl studio u can play any sound including drums like instruments. so I see a lot of people play bass/808s in fl studio easily.
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@Marc Duncan melody is catchy and i like the beat in general just think the lead needs to be changed up since it gets a tad repetetive after a while maybe at the drop round 1:10ish ? other than that i like the ambient "child noises" hahaha gj m8

@Feel hell yeah bro this is really good, first note on the 808 does seem a bit off but it's not that noticable, really enjoyed the melody and you got a nice groove going very chill good work

@Memento Beats "freefuture x) that first really fast slide on the 808 is fuckiing cool as shit, i like the synth and just top quality soundselection overall, very smooth would not change anything

@OMAR. this is awesome i like the bass a lot hits like a truck when it lands on the kicks you got some funky panning going on in places aswell that was cool, the trippy melody / sample ? bring it all together nicley, good work

@KZA i knew this was gonna be good when i heard the melody at the start, nice hats you got there, i like the layering very smooth production

@prodbeto oh sweet i just recorded acoustic guitar myself for a project, this sound dope wish you kept in more of the low end of the guitar sounds a little synthy here but it works very well with the other elements, that four chord progression gives it a real pop vibe i think its real pretty gj oh the piano cool too

@crudeking hah the 8 bit sounds made me smile i like the "ha" vocals work well, wouold maybe like to see the levels messed with so the bass and thumps a little more and the clap a little more punchy

@prod.bysicksiah this is real good, i really like the kick and snare sounds you used and whatever you did to them nice work man hope to see more of you

@stcbeats nice flute you got there, like the dissonant piano, rythmn section is real high level

@2GooD Productions gonna be honest and say i liked the original more hahah it was real interesting sounds kinda weak now when compared thank god you kept the organ though, dunno man i would personally have doubled down and added a few more melodies just to screw with people :p srsly though i think you lost a bit of that trippy dream like quality in exchange for making it more "mainstream" did like the soft choir though that was real good

sry if i missed anyone
@Crispifier , Thanx Fam for the input...yeah i will definitely work on that..i move around a lot with my job..i have to constantly breakdown and set up everytime i'm relocated..but that's really no excuse...i will get it right real soon trust me
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