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Sample heavy? Just a little bit.
Battle Points: 134
@DEEZ BEATZ fire, that's a beat for bussa buss, wow!!! Quality music. Yo I was in Pullman the other day, had to stop by a shop FOR THAT WARZONE W, I sometimes make to seattleif I do I'll smoke you out any day, got that Dutch treat!!! FREEDOM! One!


Sample heavy? Just a little bit.
Battle Points: 134
@Matt-D I Listened To Signature Expression I Wasn't That In To It TBH Sounded A Bit Out Of Tune-ish n Messy On The Inst/Samp You've Used Wern't Really Feeling It Till 1:22 Enjoyed That Change Up Though & The Rev Cymbal Loop Came Out A Bit Intrusive On My End
If I Have Come Off Like A Twat Sorry Just Wasn't My Cup O Tea
@Dzhi Beats Liked The Deep 808 Bassy Stuff , The Snare/Clap Hit Spot On Quite Liked The Vocal Shots Too & The Lead Isn't What Ya Usually Hear On A Chillish Track But I Reckon You've Made It Work. Found The Phased Stuff Later On A Bit Much( That's Just Me Being Picky) But The Vinyl Stop Bit Was A Nice Touch Toward The End Cool Track
@NONONSENSEBEATS I Really Liked This Was Very Cool Liked The Intro Really Liked The Low Keys The Strings Were Fucking Spot On The Drums Stepped Up Really Nice As The Track Gathered Some Pace
Not A Bad Word To Say About This It's A Proper Shit-Hot!!!!!! Track Pal
Nice One
@DEEZ BEATZ Yes Another One I Really Liked Very Hyped N Pumped Feel I Got Of This Very Hood & Gangsta Also Got A Robotic Sort Of Daft Punkish Sort Of Groove Which I Liked Cos Man Loves Daft Punk The Ayyyooo Vocals Are A Really Nice Touch As Is The Drum Solo At 2:02 Cos It Sets It Up Nice For The Finish Awesome Beat Proper Enjoyed It
@Copyno Tight Track At First I Thought This Was Gonna A Bit Too Trancey On The Lead But It Defo Works Can't Really Poke Any Holes In It Liked The Drums Got A Buzz Off That Trappy Brass Grunt Coming In & Ya Kept Me Waiting For It Too Hit Again Spot On Beat Pal
Dude That Noise I'm Not Sure If It's Meant To Be In It As Loud As It Is Not Sure If Its On The String Sample You Used But I Can Hear The Ocean Or The (Not So) Calm Coastal Air & It Ruined This Track For Me, I've Done & Still Do This Myself On Stuff I've Sampled & I Learned If Ya Cant Clean The Shite Frequencies Out It's Probably Not Worth Using At All But If Ya Put It In Intentional I'd Deffo Lower & Q It A Bit, Thing Is I Really Liked The Melody On The Strings It Was Propa Good
@crosstevsky Nice This Is Proper Feel Good Could Defo Hear This On A Film Or Summit Like That Thought The Guitar Was Really Good & Very Original For A Hip-Hop (ish) Beat Nice Job Mate

So I Think That's All
I Shall Now Leave By Chucking Out A Riddle
The More You Take The More You Leave Behind
Hmmmmm ????????
Oh a riddle..samples. cuz you take a sample and leave a dope ass beat!


@DEEZ BEATZ fire, that's a beat for bussa buss, wow!!! Quality music. Yo I was in Pullman the other day, had to stop by a shop FOR THAT WARZONE W, I sometimes make to seattleif I do I'll smoke you out any day, got that Dutch treat!!! FREEDOM! One!
That would be awesome bruh, I picked up some Gorilla Crush..the shit is fiiiiire...good luck tomorrow if you got in...yah mon
What's up!
@Matt-D Nice experimental thing you have here my friend, I think both of your tracks are dope. I prefer "Signature expression" especially the 1:20 part. Nice work...
@Hi @Dzhi Beats Nice to meet you, I havent seen you to post here before. Your track has a nice ambiental/meditation mood that I like, the only thing that I noticed wrong is that your intro is somehow louder than the main thing, I think you should turn it down a little, and have some mid range frequencies filtered out
@NONONSENSEBEATS Very good dark vibe on this my friend, maybe you can pan the low piano track more in the centre or balance it out with something else on the right side, it sounds out of balance to me. I recommend you to check out your beats in mono...
@DEEZ BEATZ That is a real banger Sir. Bass sounds little poor for this kind of beat to me. I think you can work on that....If you want to tear down the club with this:D
@Copyno Your beat is on point. I have nothing else to say about your beat. I guess it could be mixed better. Your snare sounds kind of low to me, and maybe slower tempo will suit this one better.
For this week, i didn't plan to post here(I was getting ready for Beat This) but i decided to cook something real fast for's still in progress... what should i do next?
Very nice beat. I like the happy vibe and sound selection, especially the guitar. Everything fits together well. Good job.
Let me know how I could improve this track, It's the first time I've tried to really make a beat from sampling. I've sampled before but it was mostly for EDM type tracks and mostly stuff like Rick and Morty and what not. Also I apologize if the track doesn't show up, I've never really shared my SC on the internet.

The chops are on point. I like the intro. I think adding a bassline will improve the beat. Also some variation in the melody could help. It's not bad though.
@Matt-D I like the vocals and the mood of "remember tonight" But i dont like the filtering.Its too much for my opinion.
"Signature expression" is dope.The drums,atmosphere and brass is very good.
@Dzhi Beats I feel this track! I like the vocals and the overall dreamy mood.Good work!

Its very warm outside in germany right now.I live under the roof and its even hotter..
This is what happens then..

I like this! I like the melody a lot. It has a cool energy to it. I think that you need to make the beat louder though.
sup everybody, warm day in Virginia, im at work bored asf and got a beat to share with yall but first, lets check out all you guys beats!

@Matt-D first beat im feeling the direction you were going for until it started getting offset, I suspect that was your intention and its cool but it doesn't compliment the beat well, I found myself cutting the beat short because of the work done in the hook very psychedelic and surreal sounding...overall not bad but not my favorite that ive heard from ya

2nd beat, I already like this 1000 times better than the first, nice sample choice cant go wrong with a soul a stickler for timing and the timing to this beat and drums are a little off but besides that like I said I like this one way more than your first beat...good job keep it up bro

@Dzhi Beats not bad...this beat has a lot of soft sounds with hard hitting drums, they contrast very well...very unique and creative approach to everything, I like this beat for the fact it doesn't remind me of any record that's out now even if you are using 808's...which isn't really easy to do so very nice work man on your originality...

@NONONSENSEBEATS whats good nonsense, this sounds like a serious ass slim mshady type beat...Kendrick could be heard on something like this as well...its a simple approach but the simpleness of the beat is what I like the leaves room for a lyrical artist to just go off...nice work man im diggining this beat

@DEEZ BEATZ sup bro I always leave feedback on your joints, always, ive never skipped or ignored ya...and I always look forward to getting your feedback specifically...this beat is fire and it sounds like you were just having fun with it so im enjoying this beat frfr… I aim to be as good as you are in EQ'ing beats cuz your shit always sounds professional...good job og

@Copyno hey nice to meet ya, holy fucking shit...way to make a first impression homie this is beynd fire, this is scorching hot on the surface of the sun dope lol...clean mixing and this track is fucking dope idk what to say this sound like fabulous and jadakiss need to fucking kill this shit...reminds me of some Kenny buttonz type shit amazing beat man!

@crosstevsky pleasantly surprised by this beat from you man...this is probably my favorite beat of yours that I have heard so far, the piano keys and hip hop drums are a classic combo...this was done nicely...would've mixed it more on the lofi spectrum but this is a simple enough beat to maybe have a freestyle session to, got a good vibe and its catchy nice work man

@DawnEHboy whats good nice to meet ya, first that sample comes in real loud made my ears bleed lol...loving the soprano vocals/vibe to this whole beat...I like the beat just the way it is my only comment is it could've improved a little bit more if you got the swing timing down just right...not in love with the bassline but atleast it isn't so loud where you cant hear anything else...I love this beat man makes me want to go find that sample and make something to it too lol...

@crosstevsky I feel like I know what you were trying to achieve in this beat my only coment is maybe theres a bit too much going on...and the timing to the scratches don't always line up with the takes away from everything else...bassline is cool but it doesn't compliment the beat any...not the worst beat ive heard from you and I think this has potential to be a dope beat just needs a little more time and attention is all..there are sections and pieces to this beat I think are fucking dope and then there are other parts where the timing issue makes it a little vexacious

@44Beatzz so heres the deal, not in love with the beat, but that video was too funny...the beat reminded me of some old Nintendo karate kid type shit...meaning it sounds more like avideo game parody track as oppose to a instrumental meant for vocals...and theres nothing wrong with that I think this would be dope in a video game or an app and keep it up cant wait to hear more music from ya

@Joey Phillips nice to meet ya, this beat is fucking digging all the sounds you used and the effects on them...bass is dope and I like all the beat if your into trap...nice work man!

@NONONSENSEBEATS wow...amazing work on this banger man...this is some fire my dude I like all the changeups and that instrument you used for the melody sounds dope with all the 808s in this...crazy beat man nice work

ok so here is my beat, enjoy!

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
I really like the sampling on this. The bass line is dope. Arrangement is good. I like the vocal parts too. The beat has a lot of emotion which is great. Good work
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