Showcase - June 17-23, 2019

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My response to the last showcase thread!

Thanks for feedback @Trunkz I appreciate that! My favourite of the three was Dissacatto had a Heatmakerz vibe to it. Moonshine was nice and chilled love the sample work. In Gfussy I would change the kick sounds impo. keep up the good work! :up2:

Keep those live performances coming @Johni Cleveland dope switch @ 1:36 :cool:

@nikkigrace Promises & Take Five were my favourite of out the three tracks, impo your vocals feel like there sitting behind the beats I would swap the level of your mix of the beat and your vocals.

@artisanaljuice dope start but I would of liked to of heard a bassline on the beat & I have to agree with @BeatMaker80 that the kicks need to stand out more.

@kaprize malik dope beat; your arrangement is on point but you need to work on your master it sounds like it's @ 50% volume; @ max volume.
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Ey boys I was here a week ago or so with a Tyler the creator beat (flower boy) I can now proudly say its finished, hope you enjoy I produced mixed and recorded the vocals myself (I know a lot of girls who can sing so I get some help from them on the vocals ofc) Hope you Enjoy!


This is a good beat, I think you need to work on your arrangement a bit more esp. with your perc's and some sounds that crept in latter on in your track. Impo I think it help give more structure to your sound.
Hi again guys.

We've been busy this week. Let me know what you think about this one right here:

By the way it's only mixed not yet mastered :cool:
This is flames! arrangement & mix spot on; If it's not mastered you don't have a long way to finishing this dope beat!
Something I was working on , nothing special, let me know what you think
This is nice it reminded me of a old G-Unit/Mobb Deep style beat on their mixtape series.
Sounds good... Fresh out the studio sound.
Thanks I really appreciate that because I've really been working hard on my mix and master's to acheive an A1 quality studio sound! All my music is produced in a humble bedroom setup; a pair of Mackie MR8mk2's (hope to upgrade to HR8mk2's soon), Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 & a really powerful computer with about seven years experience mostly self taught.
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