Showcase - June 17-23, 2019

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It's a decent start but it needs work impo; I'd either remove some sounds or try structing your arrangement a little more keep grafting.
This knocks I could hear Nas on this, your sample flip is fire!!
Another one i was working on last night, what it sound like?lol
Not bad, I liked your drums I would maybe swap your bass sound for a more dist' 808 did you use toxic biohazard for your synth by any chance?
@dolosaviour , very dope remixes. Good quality as well..keep bangin
Thanks I appreciate the feedback DB; a lot more to come!!
I liked that gate transition; plus that bass is a madness!!
nice sample man im digging the vibe ya got goin!

is this too bassy guys?...

also another I had sittin in my stash I kinda like.
To answer your question maybe a little I would just lower your bass and drums ever so slightly. sweettreats12131 has a dope vibe keep it up!
Very nice!! I really liked the delayed/reversed melodies plus the mix was clean, dope beat!
I like everything but the synth you used.. could just be me tho. If not it's a decent beat has nice bounce.

I like it. Mix could be a little better tho in my opinion. Just seems a little loud and hard to distinguish the sounds

I really like the vibe and the effects in this one. Its put together nicely
Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback!

This is called "verano" because it gave me summer vibes when making it. I feel somethings work and somethings don't. It could be really good but to me it's okay I'd give myself a 6 for this one. Love to hear some feedback
This is nice a chilled; I would add some transitions in your beat!
I know your title says Outkast x Drake type beat but for some reason to me it has a more TDE x OF feel to it I could hear them over this beat; I really like the unique style in your production nice jazzy feel!
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