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Memento Beats

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Dropped a new Soulful Hip-Hop beat "Marathon". Any feedback is welcomed!

Very cool beat. :D I'm a fan of Rick Ross style and this instrumental perfectly captures his style. I like those feels on tom toms. Maybe as it was mentioned earlier kick hits too hard but other than that this is a top notch production. :D

Will provide feedback soon

Great production. :D There's nothing I could criticise here. Rich arrangement, mix on point. I was flowing with this gentle flow of the track and I enjoyed it. :) Really cool job. :D



was playing around with the soundtrack from Planescape Torment. Im pretty pleased with how It turned out, been wanting to mess with it forever.


The Real SlimSpaceship
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@deadPANDA crpg hype! very cool idea! think you pulled it off nicley, i like the lofi drums here you have the whole "playing drums underwater feel to it" i've cheked out some of your other stuff on ur page you have a very unique style keep doing it

@Matt-D very nice my man put me right in a chilled out mood

@The Thrillz this is dope although the kick is a little obnoxious it doesnt have much difference in velocity from beat to beat (the kick that is) from what i can tell so maybe work on that, still love the composition especially the small snare rolls and fills :)

@jihun9554 only listened to the first track, this has a very pop vibe to it from the progression to the drums, the drums sound a little dead or as @crosstevsky says a little "overly quantized" work on your drum game (beat velocity when the kick and snare hit etc you can maybe space them out also too add some groove) you have the composition down tho ^^

@Marc Duncan back to making happy beats i see ? hahah i like when you do this style it always puts a smile on my face. your composition has improved a lot over the past few weeks !

@slimegreenbeats i mean you shoulda just called it MDMA and been done with it :p very sweet style super laidback not much to add i can digg it

@EsquireMusic111 what impresses me the most is the actual mix, not that the track aint killer on its own but your mixes always sound perfectly balanced. gj! i need to up my mixing/eqing game heheh

@NANI beats this is good as an ambient track, i feel it lacks some extra spice as just an instrumental it's fine as is but can't really pick out anything noteworthy also sounds a bit like the mix cuts when the kick hits on occasion. maybe try adding some hooks when writing the beat whether they be through drums or melody gj anyway though :)

@Memento Beats mmmeemento beats on the track! its good, you know its good i know its good everyone knows its good.... so yeah its good, good jobb, its very good. The goodest part for me is the grossbeatish piano sample good job. :p oh and the groove is also good


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Yo Love the bounce on your track man, I thinnk you need to work more on the mix especially the low end, the bass is kinda muddy imo, other than that id say probably maybe make a drop with some snares at some point? Think the track is good butits building up this anticipation that I think will be very appreciated lol

Nice tracks dude, I feel like youre trying to go for the live instrumentation vibe and its working but the drums could do with being more forward in the mix and maybe switch up some sounds, as they sound too stocky, or manipulate them some more, good work bro

Nice dark vibe man, really cool sound, think the drums could be more punchy tho, work on the mi xa bit more but good work dude!

Nice vibes man, got that summery feel with that spooky vibe on that siren type flute melody, great bounce man awsome work overall, only thing is maybe lower the flute a bit more but thats just me

@NANI beats
Nice track man, gets you hype, try and make the drums to punch a bit more and just work on the volumes in term of balance, keep up the work man!

Heres a new one Ive started, still needs work but thought id ost coz it got me hyped
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