Showcase - June 29-July 5, 2020

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@Marc Duncan nice one bro!! Very soothing bright tone to your beat.
@The Thrillz this is tight by itself, I can hear rick Ross on this like you said. Love the drums
@Memento Beats nice chops and you put some great swing on the drums.
@slimegreenbeats really feeling the knock on that kick, and good job on leaving it simple.
@jihun9554 i need more time to check out the whole thing I will hit you back tomorrow.
@EsquireMusic111 feelin this one, nicely done! The second one is the jam!!
@NANI beats great mix everything is leveled perfectly really gives it a great touch.
@MickMain nice groove to your beat

Memento Beats

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Got this new J Cole x 6lack type beat. It was supposed to be called "love drug", but I took the 'drug' out so it can be YouTube safe + I don't promote drugs:

I like the melody but I think that the whole structure of the beat is slightly too simple.

Yo Love the bounce on your track man, I thinnk you need to work more on the mix especially the low end, the bass is kinda muddy imo, other than that id say probably maybe make a drop with some snares at some point? Think the track is good butits building up this anticipation that I think will be very appreciated lol

Nice tracks dude, I feel like youre trying to go for the live instrumentation vibe and its working but the drums could do with being more forward in the mix and maybe switch up some sounds, as they sound too stocky, or manipulate them some more, good work bro

Nice dark vibe man, really cool sound, think the drums could be more punchy tho, work on the mi xa bit more but good work dude!

Nice vibes man, got that summery feel with that spooky vibe on that siren type flute melody, great bounce man awsome work overall, only thing is maybe lower the flute a bit more but thats just me

@NANI beats
Nice track man, gets you hype, try and make the drums to punch a bit more and just work on the volumes in term of balance, keep up the work man!

Heres a new one Ive started, still needs work but thought id ost coz it got me hyped
Very smooth production :D Keep doing what you're doing because you're moving in the right direction :D Good job :)


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Vibez on this one man, love the drops into the mellow bit of the beat!

@NANI beats
Love the vocal sample man this track got a whole lot of chill man, great work man, 808 is a bit loud on my end but its just probably my speakers.

Ill remix man, great soul groove to this one, the Rhodes sound mint!

@K9 TheRoyal
Great drum sound man, reminds me of the EDM style trap songs. A bit too long of an intro but to each his own, once it drops tho its sick.

@Memento Beats
Nice BoomBap feel man, the chop is nicely done man love the piano sample. Wouldve loved to hear a bassline on that though, tight either way man great for an MC to rap on!

Just finished this one, would like to see what you guys think:
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