Showcase - March 5-11, 2018

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*Feedback from last week*

@Thee C.E.O. That beat was dope my dude. Nothing bad to say about it...GJ
@SandmanP Between all the beats you posted, I like the big toy boat the best. I can see Rick Ross and Wayne rapping over it....Thats was dope..

*Now this week*

@Matt-D Damn man that melody is hypnotizing. The drums knocks. This track would be 10x better if it has bass in it.

This song is not mix/master yet but I'll do in the final version:


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whats up, its sunny in virginia today, at work no customers, wanted to show yall my new beat, but first, lets take a listen to yours!

@Matt-D good afternoon sir i like this sample choice, very lo-fi kind of vibe...cant hear the mix on the spakers im using but from what i hear everything sounds clear to me and the swing is done well, nice job man

@Klypse sup bro, dope sample choice and that way you flipped the beginning was dope asf, this sound like if kanye and 9thwonder did a collaboration... nice work taking those string sections and chopping it up the way you only comment is that its a little hard to know where the hook starts, if there is even a hook, but this shit dope asf nice work bro

@RCS welcome back rcs, wasnt expecting these many bangers to start off this showcase, this is dope asf remind me of some just blaze type shit, chopped perfectly im diggining this sht...was waiting to hear a break away or a hook section or even a bridge...but it never came? lol...this was a dope ass loop that i would personally choose to rhyme on this fits my style...nice work man keep it coming!

@producervibes hey man, thanks for sharing your video, i thought those drums were f***** sick!!! and the way you do your bass is impressive i dont do my basslines that way...respect

so heres my beat, buddy of mine hits me up and tells me to sample the walking dead, because he had an idea for a track...looked up the theme intro and imidiately went to work...its been 3 days now i wanted to know what you guys think


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Let us know what you think. Any feedback is welcomed!

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@dBtheProducer This is banger! I really like the vibe and the sound selection. And that male gated vocal goes perfectly with the melody. Keep up with the good work!

@RCS This goes hard af! Those drums are sick. I ain't got nothing negative to say!

@Klypse Bruh, the vibe is amazing. I really like those strings. Keep up with the good work.


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@Klypse Love the way the overall sound is, especially the way the drums blends with the sample it really has a mix of old school and new school. dope
@RCS this is fire! I thought I heard this one from you but doesn't matter would love to hear someone rip this beat, good stuff!
@dBtheProducer sounds good, well arranged and interesting build. The only thing I wish is that the kick were a little louder on some parts, but other than that it's tight!!
@Qbeats thank you, I thought about adding more but I loved the sounds so much I didn't want to drown them out so I could hear them if someone were to spit on it.


hey guys check out my twist on the shaggy classic!

I don't know so much about beat production right now so I can't leave a right feedback. The beat is good but something is missing I would try adding a different bassline and change something in the drums I don't know what but the only thing I'm sure is that something is missing...
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