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Khaly Beatz

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Some people say that it's hybrid trap but if it really is I don't know :p Let's say it's just an electronic instrumental music. :D
Sounds more lika hybrid of Dubstep. It's different. Sounds real good. Sounds like something people would party to at a rave joint.
Very unique style, good buildup. I would work a bit on the drum patterns but it's got potential. I can feel a techno influence which I have as well.

Also let the melody sit a little bit, it's a bit too strong. Keep it up tho fam

@Copyno I think the kick needs more punch and the beat as a whole needs more power in the low end in my opinion. But overall it sounded good, keep it up!
@AtomicBeats Very good beat! I like the details like the organ in the background and the vocals are dope as well!

Here is my new beat. I really care about feedback:)
I love your producer name lmao, dope track man, I like the sad types, I make quite a bit myself.

Below you can find another Beat This winning beat from me. :D

A lot of energy, I can really feel the passion. I like the EDM style, I like the graphic/video, I wish I could do that.

I would pump up those kicks, try doubling, EQing and what not. Maybe try increasing the level adjustment.
Was messing about with an old DJ Krush sample and came up with this:

Lot of beats to get through here... one word about feedback from me: I’m not into trap, so don’t take it personally if I have nothing to say as I’d rather keep zipped than hate on someone’s work.


Keep it simple. Keep it RILLA.
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Yo where are my Trapsoul fans at? My first attempt at this type beat. Let me know what you think

I like it, just wish your drums were a little louder. And the shaker comes in very odd, feels like its a bit "over-distorted" if that makes any sense. When i heard your beat, it built up and i started to groove inside like "yeah, it feels nice" and then the shake came in and i was like "ooof" gave me a strange feeling, kinda like interrupting that groove. Hope you can understand what im trying to express here. :D
@2GooD Productions - the stuff you do isn't really to my taste but I can tell you're very good at sound design, everything sounds very polished. Maybe too much going on in your tunes though? Feels like underneath all of the bells & whistles I'm listening for a groove that's not always that obvious. I dunno, take that with a generous pinch of salt, I'm a '90s boom-bap head, but impressed with your sound.
Anyway just drop this today, feat NatJames (unofficial). Let me know what you guys think!
Nnnnnnice bump to this. Like the steel drums. Only thing I'd change (personal taste etc) is some crackly old drum sample with snares & cymbals in the higher frequency to offset the booming kick. Love the space in the arrangement, something I really struggle with LOL.
I like the keys (celeste? Harpsichord?), and the bass strums, not really feeling the string/orchestral hits. Feels a bit like shouting "DRAMA!". I'd really like the key pattern to play more... reminds me of Lost In Thought by Funkdoobiest (Muggs killin' it).
Also would love some feedback on my beat
I like this. There's a lot going on though, feel like I want some sections to concentrate on one new sound/part at a time. The other thing that immediately struck me is just why I like working with old record samples instead of keyboards: everything already has some natural reverb that is missing in this. It's just a bit too clean for me.
Here is my latest beat, hope you'll like it!
Drums too high in the mix though? There's some nice details in the sample I can only hear at the end when the beat stops. Nice progression with the vocals. Like it a lot, I'd just lower the drums a bit and beef up the sound of that main sample.
Dude... this is fucking great. Simple, clean, pensive mood, but gets the head nodding. I'm jealous of all your gear too! The video is a good idea to show the track construction. Nothing much to criticise, maaaaybe put the guitar through a pedal - it sounds too clean. Needs just a little something to colour the sound (distortion? fuzz?). Keep up the good work. Really jealous of the instruments. I have to do everything with samples :confusedphones:
Hey guys
Would really like some feedback for this
I like the strings and piano stuff a lot. The drums need some work. Too many fills for me, need a different pattern that holds it all together.

I'm noticing with a lot of beats I've listened to on here that people are using a lot of effects and stuff to build up a drop or change. Swooooshing noises. Orchestral stabs. Now I'm oldskool, so feel free to ignore, but I think it's probably a good exercise to take your beat, and remove all of that stuff, and listen to the bare bones. That will tell you if it's working or not. For me, too much HYPEHYPEHYPE is clutter. Thing is, a lot of commercial stuff that sells goes this route... so what do I know.
Here is my new beat. I really care about feedback:)
Reminds me of early Bonobo. You're a talented arranger dude. Super nice, mellow... I say Bonobo because this is blurring the lines between hip-hop and just straight music - sounds like the frame of a song for a band. Just waiting for lead guitar and singer to join in. Beautiful stuff, I think the biggest challenge for you is keeping things simple... I listen to this from a beat-head perspective and think about how much I'd need to cut out of this, maybe more repetition of some of the simpler parts, before adding in crunchier drums.
But I wouldn't want you to stop making stuff like this, it's great.
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