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When chemists die, we barium.
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Matt, I listened to both of those tracks and I don't really have much feedback. I do like them both. On the weekend it feels like the vocals are a. it too hot and I wish the kick drove the song forward a bit harder but those may just be person preference. I like both tracks a lot.

Here is my, its from my next record. What do you think?


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@Matt-D I love the Xzibit remix bro! The sample is crazy!
@thedreampolice That's good sound bro, the vocal is fckn awesome!
@Johni Cleveland wow, bro, im watching your videos first time, and i think im addicted now.. Your finger drumming is dope af, you have great skill.. But, now for the beat, it is crazy, the transition from the verse to hook is so fckn awesome! Keep it up!
P.S. You've got a new subscriber :)

Here is my latest beat.. In the last period, im trying to learn mix & master as fast as i can, cause some mc's here want my beats and dont have anyone who can do that for them.. So i wanna see what you think about my mix/master, am i good enough for a begginer in that?


@Matt-D The "Call Out My Name" remix sounds interesting. I definitely feeling the vibe. Nice sound selection!
Here's my newest beat. Let me know what you think

dude this is a really nice beat, the mix is good, percussions are dope !
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