Showcase - November 12-18, 2018

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@toryhooks I'm feeling that beat. I love the snare and how the beat drags a bit to give it that personal non- quantized touch. Pianos are sick and of course I love the snare. SLAP!!


@toryhooks the beat is fire brotha! Love the piano and how it switches up. Good stuff also the video is fire as well!

@sithproductions thank you appreciate it!

@Drago Zetić thank you and yea I’m kind of new to making beats, was wondering if there’s any pointers to mixing you could spare. Thanks again!



Here’s another beat I made, I’m real new so the mix might be off and such but let me know what you think! All feedback is appreciated!
I like it, the snare/clap is really different sounding, but i like the way it fits with the beat. Good work though!
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