Showcase - November 16-22, 2020

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Thanks y'all for ongoing feedback !

In case you wanna take a look see at the beat tape, and past ones, here:
this shit is cool, like i don't have a frame of reference for what to compare it too but im a fan, its like gloomy but beachy at night, would be cool with a real storytelling type top line
ProducerSpot Black Friday

Lxrd Suma

This one is a few montgs old.. but one of my fav .. i really enjoyed makeing this one... inwas in a dark mood



@Un4zn - Vibras... oh yeah that's it there! I wanna drink 1800 silver and dance with a baddie now! needs a song and to be put out yesterday. Nice work!
Neptune to mars... defiantly reminds me of touch by Omarion this one is defiantly a pop record for like a Kelis

@mattsak - mix is very clean I like how you made space for the artist to sit in... I would love to hear like one more instrument on this to give it that chill pop record feel

@Un4zn - this take me to the watch the throne era Yeezy... I'm always a sucker for classical instrumentals... I likes

@Lxrd Suma - Stupid Shit... makes me think east coast... this could use more of the sample chops you put in towards the end to give the arrangement more variety
Bull Shiznit - this one have a better mix than Stupid shit, much more clear... this is a trippy beat so I would put a dark rapper on it maybe 21
Fresh - Maybe cause of the versus battle but this is Jeezy's steelo... I'm a need a rapper touching bricks on this one
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