Showcase - November 5-11, 2018

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Had a little time this weekend so I decided to try some improv over Pharrell's "I Really Like You" instrumental. Had a lot of fun with this, gotta love Pharrell's beats
I've never heard that song but I know Pharrell Williams is one dope producer and unless my ears have decieved me, you are a beast with them keys, I wish I could play like that, how long you been playing?


@Matt-D Good playing over the instrumental. I really enjoyed the beat and honestly for me it was new stuff. I will check the original song for sure.
@.introspective I tried to listen to it but with my phone speakers I can't hear it well honestly and my PC still broken... I'll try to hear later when my headphones come back from guarantee. However honestly I don't know so much about remixing so I can't say what to improve.


Here is some of my first beats that I never received a feedback before. I don't have new stuff since my PC is broken so that's what I can upload for now.


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@.introspective thanks bro! I have been playing on and off for about 7 years I wish I practiced more consistently. Your J Cole remix sounds good up until the singing hook it's out of sync and out of tune. But the concept is good though. Yeah I love that song and it's definitely worth checking out.
@Alejandro that melody is very catchy however I think better drum sounds would work and bring it out, but it's headed in the right direction. Nice Work.


Sample heavy? Just a little bit.
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@Matt-D I like how you just do you, your remix game is on point and I really enjoy a lot of your work. That harmonica was super dope. I really respect the fact that you are on the keys. yeah anyone who does beats has got to give it up to pharrell. I remember when I was in high school pharrell produced that clipse record. I was like Brr!! What happened to that boy!! Keep it up.
@Copyno I pay attention to drums a lot and I like the way the kick pops in my headphones, and some of the synth/melody sounds good sonically. Im Really not in to this style of music so I cant say do this, that and third, but this ones sounds good to me. Oh, lose the 3 808s at the end haha peace.
@introspective you've been doing them chill ass beats that I like, heard you last week and was kinda vibing. As for this remix you got, it all sounds good but I think the timing or something is off with the hook, but other than that I think you got something there. Keep working on it and you'll find what you want.
@Alejandro yeah the piano sample is not bad, but I would definately lose that snare, not to offend anybody, but stock sounds should be off limits. Invest in some drum packs or even dig for drum breaks, find a snare that sounds good with your beat, and just work it. You dont need a whole lot to make a dope beat, you just need the right sounds. Keep working at though, you'll get it.

I won't post anything but I see some battles coming up, I'm getting in all of them. All you boom bap kats who do the 90s sample style come through and listen.



Sorry was my first time posting not sure how to delete the previous one.... all feedback is appreciated.

Yogi Beatz

@The Thrillz : Wow nice dark beat bro! That drop goes hard af w/ the bass and drums. Honestly this seems professionally done, even the mixing is perfect. It does drag on a bit as the main melody gets a bit repetitve, i wouldve shortened it to like 3min, but yea other than that its dope!

@sithproductions : Lit hi hats, nice intro and dope ass bass! I dig the arrangement, that first part hits hard af. And that ding sound fits so well aha. Not a fan of the static noise on the 2nd verse but good work, keep it up!

Would appreciate it if you guys could check out my new beat I just posted. Took a while to finish but i finally did it! Lmk what you think :)

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Sorry guys I don’t know what happened to the last one I tried to post but hopefully this one works. Just a basic beat i made form a a sample I’m really new at this so please all feedback is appreciated
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