Showcase - November 5-11, 2018

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Music by Rafztar
Here is some of my first beats that I never received a feedback before. I don't have new stuff since my PC is broken so that's what I can upload for now.
The sound is good a little repetitive, needs a bit of variety

This was the first song where I actually did the rap vocals myself, written and rapped. used home professional mic and mixcraft, hope you guys can give some feedback and check out my track Sympathy:


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@C-RuZe I'm trying to check your beat but either it's not working on my computer, or you took it down I will check it out once you re-post it, and good looking on the feedback.
@toryhooks That's just nasty!! Love those beats and the drums are knocking through the speakers. I also love the set-up bro.
@rafhelp You making that sound fun! I'm motivated to start spitting lol!!
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