Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

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Drago Zetić

Making samples and FL Studio sing.
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@Ghost Bazz Solid beat right there, I'd suggest taking a kick without a hi-hat mixed in and putting a bit of reverb on the drums (especially the snare). Nice job twisting the sample around.

@Matt-D Nice to see you're perfecting your style - good job with the MJ track, though the lack of a snare weirded me out. How did you get these a cappellas? You should really consider taking on some online remix challenges, like the ones regularly held on the skiomusic website.

Here's one of my previous battle beats - I want some feedback on the mix, as I'll put it on my upcoming beat tape, but my proper headphones won't come until next week:


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@Drago Zetić I like the groove of this beat, everything works well together but what I love the most is that Jazzy bassline it really makes it come to life. I also love the pop of that snare it really hits just right as well as the strings. Another thing that I love is the way the intro transitions to the verse. Yeah I thought about putting a snare in the MJ remix but I felt it was unnecessary, plus I like hearing MJ sing so much that I wanted to put as few sounds as possible but still keep the music sounding fleshed out or complete. I am going to check out that remix site, thanks by the way, I think that will help me improve you should enter as well.


@Fade I like it. I don't see anything wrong with it. I reminds me of a Scienz of Life track. Dope.

@Drago Zetić I don't see anything wrong with this either. It got that Wu-Tang feel to it.

Early 2000s Smooth Hip Hop Beat in fruityloops 3.0.1

I’M NOT TRYING TO SELL BEATS. Just having fun & keeping it simple, but still trying to be creative with limitations. Only effects I'm going to use are really:

- FX 1(Overdrive)
- Sine FX 2(ring modulator)
- FX 3 (Phaser).
- Amp
- Attack
- Decay
- Reso filter
- Cutoff
- Reverb
- Fade L to R
- Cut/Cut by
- Stretch
- Fade out
- Pitch
- Stereo Delay

For Echo/Delay:

- Feed
- Ping Pong
- Pan, Cut, & Res
- Pitch
- Echo
- Time

VST1 support:

- Fruity 7 band EQ
- Fruity balance
- Fruity bass boost
- Fruity blood overdrive
- Fruity center
- Fruity compressor
- Fruity delay
- Fruity fast LP
- Fruity filter
- Fruity flanger
- Fruity free filter
- Fruity mute 2
- Fruity phase inverter
- Fruity reeverb


Constructive Feedback Appreciated


beats architect
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@Ghost Bazz I guess you were more on the experimental side with this. I like your use of delay and reverb, the vocal sample and drums are on point. But I was bothered by the nontraditional arranging, there were too many unexpected switchups, I guess too many for me...I felt like your beat was playing and suddenly like a youtube commercial pops up, you know what I mean, that thing was completely getting me out of the groove your beat has....
@Matt-D Now this my friend sounds so much better than the last week showcase...It has "simple groove" in your title, but I think every groove has to be simple in order to work. This feels not crowded at all, and everything has its own space...maybe you can bring out your drums more on both your remixes...keyboard work is awesome as always...I can notice a big improvement in your music, keep it up...
@Drago Zetić I'm not much of engineer, I think you should take my feedback lightly...:) I'm considering the fact that your beat is sample based, in my experience it has some limitations if you are going for "shiny, up to industry standards" :) mix in terms of cleanliness and frequency spectrum, but your mix sounds decently clean. You have some distortion in the snare, I don't know if that's on purpose but i don't like it....The kick is little drowned, you can bring that up a little...I like your automated panning on the vocal, that is a nice touch.
@wilizm This has a nice bounce to it....I think it would be a good piece of background music...I guess you are limiting yourself with stock plugins and that is reflected in the beat, I think it would sound more interesting if you focus on changing up the sound a little...maybe more heavy use of effects.
Here it is...not the usual I guess...

Ghost Bazz

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Thanks for the feedback fam!

I’m going to work my way through these as I can, starting w...

@Matt-D - Rock w/ You
I love the concept & approach to this track. It’s super ambitious to remix an entire MJ track! In general, the instrumental is a cool, upbeat, synth-laden jam. I really like how it picks up for the chorus w the additional percussion. I think the track is cool, but as a remix it feels like it fits together very loosely, partly due to the recognizability of the original. I think this would jell together and become more of your own song if u altered the vocals through some kind of cool processing/effect combo that would tie it more to the track... ie, a cool phaser or something. I’d also recommend chopping the vocal down a bit, maybe keep the chorus and boil the verse down to 1 or 2 small snips spaced out to 4 or 8 bars apart... just as garnish for ur instrumental.

I’ll post up on these others as I find time throughout the week. Peace fam.

Ghost Bazz

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@Drago Zetić
Cool beat man. I like the fact that u still included a brief intro on ur battle beat. I could definitely vibe w this for more than 1 minute! My only feedback would b to do an extended version on ur beat tape! The mix sounds clean to me.


Craze Beats
What's up guys! Happy to have found this community. Here's my first shot at some feedback:

@Ghost Bazz Dreams is a really sick beat man, good job on production quality as well. I dig everything except you get too far out of the rhythm with some of the voice cuts as some others have said.

@Drago Zetić great track. I'm pretty sure whatever you're using as monitors has gain on low end as I feel there is some bass missing, you could add a bit of punch with EQ

@crosstevsky really good beat, I feel it could use something to tie it all together and fill in the simple melodies. A simple chord progression on every 4th or 2nd note but I still dig!

@EsquireMusic111 great song man! Props to both the producer and the artist, really nice voice. You put a really nice mix together. Personally only small tweaks I would make is lower drums and vocals a touch in comparison to the rest of the mix. Snare could use a boost on the 4s (by layering another snare, clap or rimshot) but I'm being picky. I listened to this 3 times!!

Here's my beat for this week:


Ghost Bazz

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I can tell you are having fun. I remember spending many hours doing exactly what you are doing. The rabbit hole of beat making gets as deep as you want to take it. Keep doing your thing man.

You have some interesting stuff going on. I like the bounciness of the opening. The two sounds that seem to fall off a bit in my opinion are the Dr. Dre'esque synth stabs, and the snare, which might be too long, or synth-sounding for my ear. Maybe a clap would work better... seems like the snare is kindof headed that way already. I really like the groove of the drums and bass on this, and the opening as I mentioned earlier.

This is cool man. I like the laid back feel. I listened to some of your other stuff as well. There's a cinematic element going on that I really enjoy. I think the fact that there aren't any really sharp (not meaning pitch) sounds to deal with, nothing really coming at you too hard, the music becomes a backdrop for the imagination. Kindof reminds me of some DJ Cam stuff.
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Autism Dad, I Use FL Studio
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nobody better nice mix me, or so help me j/k... you call me Mr. Nice Mix:biggrin:

@Ghost Bazz sup ghost nice to meet ya...this is real trippie, im loving the sample work, a lot actualy this sounds like a banger just waiting for the right rapper...travis porter type shit in my mind, I loved this beat, it was simple as far as drum patterns go BUT it went perfect with the way you sampled that this beat man

@Matt-D I kind of don't know what to say abut the first track my friend, because I love it so much but it is definitely a weird beat, but you just have this way about your beats that even though im not in love with the sounds you choose to make these beats, they always seem to work with the acapella your working I like this track but I wouldn't really like this beat on its own lol its weird but your doing your thing man

that second track sound groovy as fuck...have you done live shows before? im just wondering cuz this has a dope boogie man I would love to see a band or something boogie like this lol...nice work bro I like this a lot too

@Drago Zetić sup brother, only complaint it was too short I was rapping to the beat and like 30 seconds later it fades away...nice work like always your a dope underground beat maker man

@wilizm not bad dude, the piano melody is boring, could've definitely jazz this thing up with horns or something but those keys are really simple, should do more with the keys for sure

@crosstevsky im picturing Bhad Bhabie rapping over this man real talk, not a big fan of hers but she be on beats like this...this sounded great man your drums were cool as fuck but I like the slim shady kind of keys and this sounds like with the right artist it could be a real dope track...good job bro

@EsquireMusic111 are you playing any instruments on this or is it all electronic sounds? im just curious and also did you mix and master the whole track? this sounds great

@JayMMTL sup man, love the vibe im hearing, drums a little hard im waiting to see if this turns up anymore, incredible details in this beat that saw wave or whatever it is sounds insane...hook was ok I was expecting a little bit more of a intense hook since the beginning built up so nicely this was a dope beat man very different from ive been hearing from producers lately

now...for my beat this week, ill be honest, was inspired by @Matt-D , cuz your always doing remixes to acapellas and ive always wanted to give it a try, so one day I did and I wanted to show you guys...peace



beats architect
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@JayMMTL Thanks for the feedback...Your beat sounds cool...It feels like a trap beat but with a different sound selection. I think you should match that ambient background with something else in the seems distant, and everything else up close, maybe process the drums and piano with some reverb or delay. Overall I like it.

@dBtheProducer Hey...I'm surprised, I guess this is your trap side :) Nice remix, this sounds like nothing I've heard from you. The beat is excellent and goes well with the vocal...I've nothing else to say a couple more...


Paying My Dues With I O U's
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O.K. I Begin
@Ghost Bazz Liked Your Sample Work In Fact I'm Impressed By It 2 Issues I Didn't feel Your Perc Blended As Well As It Could Of In The Overall Mix & It Was Cool How You Worked In Another Sample With The Whole Tuning The Wireless Thing But For The Length Of The Track Ya Should Of Just Done It Once Its Hard to Get Into As The Groove Keeps Switching
@Matt-D I Just Didn't Like This I Didn't It's Just Not For Me I Wish I Could Advise Ya But It's Not My Thing I Mean No Disrespect Pal I'm Sure You Know What Your Going For Better Than Me Peace
@Drago Zetić Nice Sample This Like How It Extends As Ya Go On In The Beat only Critique Is I Woulda Loved A Bit More Of A Kick Otherwise It's A Cool Beat Pal
@wilizm Not Loving This It's Very Pop & Extremely Bubblegum Like That K-Pop Genre Sort Of Thing I Could Hear Britney spears Or Someone Over This Though It's Just Not For Me I Reckon Ya Could Beef This Up Like Proper Inject Some Emotion Into It Catch Some Of Your Own Emotion & Stick In Audio Form It Don't Have To Be Clean Or Tidy It's About Inflicting Feeling On The Listener
No Diss Meant Just A P.O.V. Mate
@crosstevsky Man Likes This Got A Bit Of Energy To It Everything Seems To Sit Well Really Like The Shot That Comes In At The Loop I Not Liking Your Snare Sounds Proper 909 & I Absolutely Hate 909 Snares But That's My Weird Problem I Really don't Like Them Otherwise It Be A Decent Track Giz A Msg If You On Soundcloud N I'll Do A Repost Of Ya Mixtape Mate Happy To Do It
@dBtheProducer A Bit To Trancey For Me A Gram Of Whizz & A Few XTC Pills & I'd Be Will into This It's A Bit too Exciting For A sober Ear Is All
Thinks I'm Up To date


Craze Beats
Thanks for the feedback guys!!!

@dBtheProducer my intuition is the vocals are a sample you incorporated after producing the beat. I feel like some of the melodies could work more around the vocals if this is a final release (which typically showcases the “artist”...producers still don’t get enough credit). This or some additional sounds or counter melodies to complement the vocal melody.

Otherwise, very solid. Engaging and catchy while keeping it simple and accessible. Your kick and snare are missing some punch IMO...common theme in many of the beats I’ve listened to.

I swear this is not a product plug (nothing to gain as a simple employee) but you guys could really use services like LANDR mastering to put the final touches on tracks. Alternative would be to layer another kick or 808 and another snare, clap or rim on the snare.

Aside from the punch on the drums, production quality is really good, nice job on the mix!
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Craze Beats
@wilizm sorry I skipped you man...tbh, I was extremely thrown off by the MIDI sound of your track. Especially the extremely artificial sound of the bass, which is such a key part of your groove.

Forcing myself to listen, there’s a ton of talent behind this beat that I think could be better curated through better “tooling”. A free bass plugin such as ABPL II vst would do wonders to this track (sorry don’t know if it’s compatible with your DAW).

Nice melodies, good mix but unfortunately, the stock midi instruments you are using ruin it for me. Could it be some of the chord progressions are off as well? Something sounds off key.

@C4NTK33P5T1LL Nice beat! Just as I was about to say you're missing some melody on top of your very well mixed drums and sample, the flute comes in with a super catchy melody! Build on this one. Structure it into intro, verse, pre, hook and you've got a killer track!
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