Showcase - October 8-14, 2018

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@Fade I like it. I don't see anything wrong with it. I reminds me of a Scienz of Life track. Dope.

@Drago Zetić I don't see anything wrong with this either. It got that Wu-Tang feel to it.

Early 2000s Smooth Hip Hop Beat in fruityloops 3.0.1

I’M NOT TRYING TO SELL BEATS. Just having fun & keeping it simple, but still trying to be creative with limitations. Only effects I'm going to use are really:

- FX 1(Overdrive)
- Sine FX 2(ring modulator)
- FX 3 (Phaser).
- Amp
- Attack
- Decay
- Reso filter
- Cutoff
- Reverb
- Fade L to R
- Cut/Cut by
- Stretch
- Fade out
- Pitch
- Stereo Delay

For Echo/Delay:

- Feed
- Ping Pong
- Pan, Cut, & Res
- Pitch
- Echo
- Time

VST1 support:

- Fruity 7 band EQ
- Fruity balance
- Fruity bass boost
- Fruity blood overdrive
- Fruity center
- Fruity compressor
- Fruity delay
- Fruity fast LP
- Fruity filter
- Fruity flanger
- Fruity free filter
- Fruity mute 2
- Fruity phase inverter
- Fruity reeverb


Constructive Feedback Appreciated
Nice man this is so epic. Old good times


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Thanks to everyone for the feedback!! Ok here we go.
@crosstevsky first i'll start by saying that I love the way the 808's are mixed into the beat, I feel you did a nice job with that one. On the downside I think you relied to much on that arp to carry the melody I think you should add a good chord progression behind that arp and it should fill the beat out more, but good arrangement.
@Ghost Bazz I actually gave thought about doing it that way with a few remixes but to me it feels more like sampling than remixing, which is not true but that's just how I look at it. But I definitely will try it in the future for fun to see what comes out should be fun. Thanks bro.
@dBtheProducer welcome to the remix game bro lol!! I liked the beat I thought it was dope but it seems as though you mixed two different styles and they clashed. I say that because the vocals seem like they should go with a more dance like groove to it especially the drums. But as usual the mix is on point. As for live shows I haven't done one yet but I am a big fan of the way live bands play and sound so I try to emulate that the best way I can, it's a work in progress. Oh and keep the remixes coming!! Peace
@C4NTK33P5T1LL I wanted to like this but I just wasn't feeling this one. For one I did not like the sample choice, and the other thing that irritated me was the hats, I think they were too loud and I wasn't crazy about the pattern you gave them. No big deal though.
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