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Just wanted to say thank you to @Fade for hosting this site. I cant say enough how this has pushed me to create better music. It has made me a better person inside and out.
Word, thanks man. That's the goal of ILL - to encourage others!


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I want to go in more depth with this, hopefully its not incoherent I have been on the road all damn day.

This place helped me hone my beat making ability until it was razor sharp and I could win most battles.

I forget the username but Sikderelic?? convinced me to slow down and take my time in song writing in general. It was a passing comment but was a total game changer for me. At a time that I was totally obsessed with workflow and getting things down fast. I was also working at Sweetwater and could get my hands on any gear I wanted. Hell I started and finished Berklee College of music with the support of you guys on here.

@Relic literally flew out with Step Child and I did their music video check it out here Shit this was 13 years ago. WOW
Relic also rapped on three songs I did Here Here and Here
StepChild got on this track
@dacalion and I made crazy music together, we had half of a battle EP done where we were at war as super hero's and we were going to blow this place up talking shit on each other as a joke to promote it. Too bad he quit the game before it got done, That dude was fire.
@StressWon and I made TONS of music together Like this and this unreleased track that will be on the next record.
Ace the Time did a track with me here
Dj Excellence remixed one of my songs here (his remix may be better than my original idk)
Lord Lav and I did a whole EP and had a Time Travel adventure and are working on another EP

Illmuzik brought us all together and we supported each other. Most of these guys don't post here anymore but a bunch of us are still friends on FB, Insta etc.

This is an amazing little spot of the internet, so I just wanted to say Thanks @Fade !

I bet 2good remembers all of this, hmmmm


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@thedreampolice Man, I remember all of that. It was Slickdarelic I think. Wasn't it him and Relic that would bitch to each other about who should have the name Relic? LOL.

I remember that Step Child video. It's still amazing that you guys met up like that to shoot the video.

It's too bad about Dacalion having a house fire. He had some really nice beats and could scratch too.

And I think Stressticles worked with quite a few people on here, myself included. I find back then everyone came together more than today, but hopefully you guys start to collab a bit more like @Memento Beats and @2GooD Productions.

2GooD Productions

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@thedreampolice I worked with Relics boy Stepchild too, on my first ever fully produced song "Dirty Cops" it also feathures The Man The Myth, and Benny Buku. I worked with Stresswon on a few tracks, did some scratches for the Smash Bros album by Classic and Ash Holmz. Did some scratches for Cleverwon too. I really miss Dac, he was great competition, really knew his shit and I really enjoyed the time when he was around. Its a shame that life can just fuck things up. Relic did me some dope tags too. We just seem to have had a falling out over stupid politics. He last called me when the Epstein story broke as I was going on about all that in around 2005 and 2006, but he thought I was off my rocker back then. Unfortunately I was banned on FB when he tried to call and I think he thought Id just ignored him, when I did get unbanned about a month later he wasnt my friend anymore.
When I first came here I thought I was the dogs bollocks, with my shittily composed tracks, it was here that I really learned to excell in samplking.


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I so want to collab with a few people. I am still a noob on the site but am pretty active on it. Always looking to be taught how to sample. Especially tricks like temp matching since most of my tracks are about 130 - 150 bpm.
For me this website is a place where I can meet other people and learn things not only associated with beatmaking.

For example currently I'm in the process of learning German and I'm writing with @44Beatzz in my broken German :p
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