The Flying Guitar - "Jeux Interdits"


Mr Bernard
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@smokaz I dig what you did with the sample and the tape reverse thing. I found myself whistling the melody at lunch.

I am not sure about the high pitched sound that happens at 1:20 and at the end.

Also, I tend to always like a beat which features more variations or movement. But that's just me maybe, I always put too much in mine.

So here is my (very different) take on this sample flip. I tried to spend less time than I usually do, to see if it works when I don't overthink things... Maybe still too much. Dunno. You guys thoughts ?



Hi yannfer
thanks for the comments

I always make a beat and leave some word on it to make it more punchy.
yours remind me uk Rap like roots manueva, less melodic more rythmic.


beats architect
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@smokaz I agree with Yanfer... reversing the sample sounds dope, there is one harsh sound in the middle that can be brought down and your drums can be heavier.
@YannFer I like how you start this, the piano you've added sounds perfect...But when you bring your drums, I didn't expect that you surprised me, I was expecting more smooth beat, but it's ok like this, i's different.
@Dez-NYCe Your flip is dope, I like how you use small pieces, Drums are very nice, maybe some eq on the bass...
Well here is mine, I was trying this screen recording software, so I recorded my screen(And also I ran out of space here) I'm turning my processes on the samples one by one...and then I bring the rest of the beat which is a 2bar loop basically


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@smokaz very nice work;chilled-could use another variation(the high pitched bit is aiming for this i guess?but could be fleshed out alot more) thrown in but the sample flip is nice good work
@YannFer really good work-went all electronicy on the beat-as above, was not expecting this-but the variations are sweet
@Dez-NYCe loved the dark vibes on this-the only thing that puts me off is the higher pitched guitar loop that runs pretty much throughout-it's hard to explain , iots in the main loop/variation beginning at 20 seconds-I'd soften it a bit, but maybe a matter of opinion. That said, it was my fav
@crosstevsky Excellent processing of the samples-and awesome seeing a little of the process too-the software looks familiar-is it ableton? awesome and chilled-great work

here's my effort-short n sweet-didn't want to flesh it out too much :)

or here...


Mr Bernard
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Thanks for the feedback, all you.

@Dez-NYCe I like your beat. Reminds me of that Ghost Dog OST by RZA.
@crosstevsky Neat work on the loop. The drums are great too. I guess it could blend together a bit more. Also, I very much like the idea of a video showing the process. I'd like to do that on mine somedays.
@nottr The drums are hitting really hard. In a good way (is there a bad way ?). Though the sample is nicely chopped, I don't feel the melody, it is very raw. Which can be good with a rapper toplining. Good work.

Regarding your comments on mine. I agree the transition could be less sudden. I am always worried if it takes too long to get to the good/crazy part, people get bored. I need to find a balance I guess.


I knock this out in like 24 hours. I wanted to remixD Conway the machine to make it more interesting.


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@smokaz Dope Samples chops. I like how you reverse!

@YannFer The intro is dope!

@Dez-NYCe I like the drum break you used on this one.

@crosstevsky The whole piece is dope bro! I them stuttering Hi-Hats that come in and out.

@nottr Dope Chops!!

@iDull Tha acapella thooo! Dope asp!

I had a hard time coming up with some chops.
This is dope as it is, dope drums... developing it further would be nice, like adding other sounds...

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