What kind of interface do you have?


An old VCR in TerrorVision
Focusrite Saffire pro 24...Nothing special about it, good price, does the job. I remember choosing it because of the loopback feature.
Alesis iO26 that i got like 10 years ago for $450. 8 audio inputs all with phaNtom power. Midi in/out, RCA in, input/output volume balance (im too tired caNt think of the right word). Its been solid. It does restart itself and set the volume to max occasionally. There are newer versions im sure but its a solid product for a reasonable price.
NI Komplete Audio 6 mk2. Very good interface for what I need. For example:
- I can have my SP-404 connected to it for recording effects + at the same time have the main output to the monitors;
- Connect 2 headhphones (when the kid is sleeping and my wife wants to check what I am doing =))
- Phantom power
- Headphone amp powerful enough to get decent output in 250ohm headphones

It also ships with plenty of software from NI like Monark and Guitar Rig 5 Pro.


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I have a UA apollo twin but that's 2 inputs. Larger ones are expensive and they get cool when buying the also expensive UA plugins.
I recently got me a SSL2+ for the road. I am happy with it so far. Great preamps for the bucks, but again only 2 inputs.
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Behringer Xenyx 1204USB / Lexicon Lambda

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