Which DAW do you use?


I am still building my collection of apps, so I’ll say what I have, and what I plan to use:

I currently use: Nanostudio, and Tabletop (I don’t use tabletop very much though

What I will use as well: Stryker, Twistedwave, Syntronik.
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I started using reason and fl studio and now i use cubase mostly bcuz i like the workflow and i record in it too...so i can make a beat and record vocals and mix n master all in my favorite program


Hi. I recommend you to learn FL Studio, it is very friendly, you can create full songs without needing other programs. Now it's up to version 20, having about everything you can ever want from a music making program. Another best part is that you can start with the free version, then upgrade to a commercial version. If you buy a license you will get free lifetime updates. So IMO is one of the best music production software.


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Well hmmm actually every DAW is made ofcourse with the purpose making music and record music. But if you look closely each DAW has it's advatage. I started with reason 3... Right now i have reason 10. Reason is a very impressive DAW for making your own uniq sound. Afther that i bought Ableton. Yes it's a very easy DAW. But Ableton itself is very based on using allot of samples not that you cant like make your own sound but just reason somehow gives me a real big urge to check out some presets than start twisting some knobs to see what happens with the sound. And at last one daw i have pro tools 10 and 11. Good DAW very good DAW but i think pro tools is more made for recording/Mixing/mastering tracks than make your own sounds. Pro tools gives the best WAV file aswell purest of its form.. Teachers would say pro tools WAV will beat ableton WAV file they all sound identical but pro tools it's wav somehow like it can't get any better than that. And right now i can say I'm using reason 10 rewire it to ableton 9 mix it in ableton than bounce it open up pro tools 11 and start mastering it in pro tools and bounce it.. If you have 2 DAWS try to rewire it trust me that shit is the bomb.. Using 2 DAWS as one!!