Who are your favorite Illmuzik Producers?

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The Arkitekt

Same as your list, just add you and DJ Ex on there. Fury's shit is fire too but I only heard like 2 or 3 of his trackz...

Blunt is crazy.. you heard his new Freeway joint?

Edit: I forgot... i'll add the dude Steez on the list too, you could hear the effort in his tracks


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Top 3?

Hard to say since I'm just now resurfacing, but I'd have to say Agent Smith, DJ Excellence, and various other heads. Can't really make a top three, i can only name a few definately but I like too much of the music on here too much.

DJ Excellence

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3 of my favs (but really too many to name)

- 5th sequence
- Sam Oak


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Cant really pull off a Top 3, but heres a notable few Ive been digging:

Excellence has a always been a favorite of mine...
In the past, DJ Hoppa was here a lot more, hes still a fav in my book, as well as Strada who actually resurfaced recently as well...homies still got hot shit too...and I cant forget about Ominous - I like his chops and hard drums.

As of recently, Id def put down Dj Nice, 5th Sequence, Sam Ock, and prob Gene Flo (Spanish Harlem)...

Kinda hard to really even say thats everybody tho, cuz i know theres some others i like that I just cant think of off the top of my head.

*Sorry I broke the 3-count rule...couldnt pull that off.


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Man...There's so many dope producers on here..

In no particular order..(not including myself, of course)

DJ Excellence
Ash Holmz
5th Sequence

I mean these guys stand out a little more than the rest, even though I'm a fan of most of yall....


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I like a hell of a lot of producers on here but some of my favorites would include:

5th Sequence
101 - edit - almost forgot about this doppee producer, haven't seen him around much.
Cook Classics
Spanish Harlem

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