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Not having access to formal education isn't a good excuse in 2020. 20-30 years ago that would pass. Now everything you could possibly need is on the internet. You can find things to read, videos to watch, whosampled to identify and even search for samples etc. Honestly you don't even have to pay for half the software you use if you don't want to. Learn to be resourceful and solve problems, that's what making beats is all about.

As for what things you need to study, the answer is: Yes. Study everything you possibly can that's relevant to what you want to make. That's why it takes so long, you can only learn so much so fast. You're always in a state of learning things, and then learning to incorporate them into your music. That all takes time (measured in years and decades) and dedication.

If you wanna make good music you have to be in it for the long haul. You have to get to the point in your life where that's basically your only focus. Then you have to maintain that over years. That's the only way you can even possibly get "good" fast. Even then, with great discipline, you're still looking at a minimum 4-5 years of experience to get to that point (unless you're a kid, then you can learn and retain information faster and presumably have more free time).

Just being honest with you. Only you know how bad you want it. If you want it that bad then you have to start training yourself to be disciplined. Can't be watching TV or browsing the internet or whatever else all day long. You literally have to replace all the things you're dedicating (or wasting) time on to doing something/anything that will make you a better musician. The information is all there to be had.


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To get your feet wet, you don't even need to learn music theory right away. Download some charts on keys, scales, and chords. I have charts for both piano keys and MPC pads.


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When you need a break from learning music stuff learn Music Business stuff. the most important shit a writer/emcee/beatmaker
should know afaik is how and when to complete a split sheet, who gets paid for their publishing licensing when a song they wrote gets big and how to change that, how to get their song or project ready for commerce, in short. emcees dont know what to do with it. the most common answer would be put it online, ok. wow. lets get paid. Then they say streaming but without your shit lookin right the streaming services wont just play whatever you email them... guess it wasn't short afterall...too many emcees sharpen their weapons just to throw them in a neglected toolbox. no matter how much you know, someone is waiting somewhere to exploit your talent, and that's fine, that's what we want, but the more you know about the money side of the music business, the better you will be able to negotiate the associated licensing fees to be properly paid for the use of your work.

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