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    lost another good one

    I remember this. It was massive back in the day. I'm showing my age now (lol)
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    Reviews KRS-One, Master of Ceremonies

    KRS still going strong (lol)
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    Ok so these kids books are really really bad

    They are borderline. No doubt but what do they have to do with a hip-hop forum ?
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    Scandalous : A Tribute to Prince

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    Scandalous : A Tribute to Prince

    Do you think he was killed ? Because he was a healthy person. I know that's conspiracy theory but he was black listed from the music industry for years (That's why you did not see his videos or his music anywhere) because he did not bow down to the majors
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    Life's A bitch Sometimes

    No dis-respect but no real need to share that info about your girl but I'm sorry to hear about that
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    Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time

    It has to be LL Cool J for me. I'm talking about in terms of clarity, most rappers nowadays, you can barely understand them
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    How do you access the internet?

    I use a stand alone computer pretty much 100%. I don't have a smart phone or a lap top. I'm old school. So it's a flat screen. key board and mouse. I just like to use a key board. I like to feel that I'm typing something. That's just me.
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    Production Stop Following and Start Leading: Let's Take Hip Hop Back

    Good post. It's got so bad that I'm actually surprised when I do hear a song i like. If we could guess what the future of hip hop would sound like tomorrow, we would make it today. One of the top songs 500 years ago was Josquin des Prez’s – Missa de Beata Virgine. 100 years ago ? Billy Murray’s...
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    American rap suggestions

    It depends. You're asking people to pick out good hip-hop songs, we could all do that, but we would only pick the songs 'we' like, which may well not be the songs you like. For instance - I love this song. Maybe you wouldn't
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    The new Fresh Prince?

    I hope they don't. I just don't think it would work. Hip-Hop is a fresh, fast moving, fast flowing machine. Fresh Prince, Hilary, Carlton and Jazz were all young back then. They're all in their mid 40's now. Taytana Ali must be in her mid 30's and of course James Avery went at the relatively...
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    The question still remains: is Tupac alive?

    Yeah course Tupac is still alive Here he is (lol)
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    What made you fall in love with Hip Hop?

    The songs that started it off for me in hip hop were (In no particular order) LL Cool J - Bad LL Cool J was the first rapper I knew of. This was song was played at school all the time and was one of the songs that kicked it off for me. House Of Pain - Jump Around. Yes I know. I know. But I...
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    Jazzy Jeff doing Peter Piper

    I always knew Jeff had skills on the wheels of steel. He's not just a celebrity DJ. His Fresh Prince thing took away from what he is and made people forget. Not mention he was over shadowed by Will Smith. But on his own ? He can hold his own with the best of them.
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    Sunz Of Man Feat. Killarmy - Soldiers Of Darkness

    Just does not do it for me
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