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    Standing up or sitting down?

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    *** Beat This! January 9, 2011 Voting ***

    1. Beatz 2. Excellence 3. Relic Not really feeling the rest... Excellence sounds like some straight premo... Beatz and Relics sounds like no other....
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    Standing up or sitting down?

    if you dont stand up and wildout at some point when making a beat then the beat aint that hot.... two cents... forget techniques, its about head nods... if i can stand on my head and make a hot beat, then ima buy me a helmet....
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    yessir, that is I...
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    Happy B-Day to Da Illfellaz!

    30's the new 20, get it right...
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    Track Out Beats In Reason ? How

    what about "I GOT A STORY TO TELL" FROM BIGGIE!!!!! Thats probably the best track he EVERRRRRR MADE!!!!!!
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    Making of A HIT!

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    Reviews North Scientifik 'Building'

    #10 is probably the most original shit ive heard in a reallllllllllllll long time.... great idea... real shit you got there though... unfortunately i dont think its gon sell like you want it to cause of the overall sound. im still felling it hard though. all them drums is crackola!!!!!!......
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    Mac Miller

    feelin dude.... great marketing/gimmick....
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    I need help, big time...

    wowwwwwwww son. them mixes are AWFUL!!!!! they all sound the same. there is NO definition on anything. them beats are crack and hes real punnish, but the mix just makes me want to go to the next track. you need some help biggggg time. send me 1 song in a PT session with it all tracked out...
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    Born to do it?

    just blaze signing him!!!!!
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    Artwork needed for new artist mixtape with major online distribution

    ok, havent been here in a while but been working on numerous projects. Right now finishing up on my man Jon Klein aka Midas The King's mixtape "The Gold Standard" that will be available for free download thru major online distribution outlets. Basically what we need is two files, an album...
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    What do u wanna know about FL?

    theres a way easeir way than that.... like hay said, in the export page, you gotta click on seperate each track. it will seperate it based on the channels in your mixer. you just gotta make sure each sampler is in a different mixer track....
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    its not even the beat alone.... its about the overall production and sound... i wish i could understand what the fuck they are saying though. would sound that much doper. to me, its hard to hear rap that aint in english. french/italian is that "love language". hard to hear it over some HARD...
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    ima fan period... this dude is DOPE!!!!!! now there are three things i like that are french.... hennessey, zidane, and 20syl!!!!!!

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