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    February 19-20, 2011 - Comments & Questions

    Thanks all, everybody brought it this time, all the beats were dope! Lookin forward to next time, lovin the participation.
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    January 29-30, 2011 - Comments & Questions

    Well shit, the voting thread closed on me while I was writing my reviews. So it won't count, but here goes: What up ill! Sorry I've been MIA lately, I joined a band recently so that's what I've been focusing on lately... 2good: This is dope man, love that guitar sample. 420Beatz: Feelin this...
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    Happy Birthday to Dacalion!

    Happy birthday Dac! Hope its a good one man. How old are you now, 26?
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    Canceled Beat This!, What The?

    Fade here are my two cents... or six. I know that when I first joined here a couple years ago, the reason I actually registered and actively participated was the showcase. I'd used other sites for resources and information, but nothing else had a constant opportunity to get almost instant...
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    Happy B-Day OnQ!

    lol 21.
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    Happy B-Day OnQ!

    Thanks you guys, I appreciate the bday love. I feel crazy old.
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    November 24-27, 2010 - FINALS: Dacalion vs. OnQ

    Dac, thanks homie, congrats to you as well. Your cuts on I Dare You had me quakin in my boots. I can't believe I won this, especially after deciding to enter last minute, I'm glad as hell that you convinced me to! I owe you for this, I've learned alot of stuff from you and your beats over the...
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    November 24-28, 2010 - Comments/Questions

    Absolutely amazed that I won this... You guys all submitted some CRAZY beats this year, anyone could have won this. There were some beats in the first few rounds that were some of the dopest I have ever heard on this site, no question. CJ, your skills are undeniable with those VSTs, your first...
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    November 24-27, 2010 - FINALS: Dacalion vs. OnQ

    Yeah, I entered a slightly different version of this beat in a Beat This! a while ago. Went and changed a few things up for this comp. Dac you really brought it this time man! That beat is so ill. Love the scratches as always. Looks like this one is going to come right down to the end, as it...
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    How To Make A Lot Of Money! Check this out...

    Aliens meets Pocahontas.
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    November 24-28, 2010 - ROUND 3: Scandal vs. CJ Beatz

    Scandal... God damnnnn. Some silky smooth shit ya got goin here. Great beat. CJ. Still a champ with the ochestra sounds. Reminds me of some Dre ish. Shit you guys are makin this really hard. Two of the best beats I've heard in this comp yet. Man that bottom right corner of the bracket was...
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    November 24-28, 2010 - ROUND 3: Sucio vs. Dacalion

    Sucio I thought your sample had TONS of potential. Once your drums kicked in though it they melodies kind of got lost behind them. Dope nonetheless though. Dac. Mmm my favorite submission of yours yet. Sample composition is on point. Love it. Dacalion.
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    November 24-28, 2010 - ROUND 3: Quality vs. SpanishHarlem

    Dope beats, both of you, lovin the samples. Spanish by a hair
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    November 24-28, 2010 - ROUND 2: Beatz101 vs. OnQ

    101 this joint is dope man. Love the sample, well done!