Battle That! - December 5-8, 2018

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Beat This Competition


Battle Points: 40
This battle is going to be Legen... wait for it


We have a Lot of good beatmakers at the ill right now, its gonna be tight.
i am really scared of missing it.
this is what too much HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER will do to you smiles...... am scared cus am just starting this morning.


Formerly The Knoxvillan
Battle Points: 58
With the Battle That, I look at it as a way to show how your skills have increased all year up to this point.
I feel like mine have really Came along way since I joined this site. I listen back at the difference in my old beats sometimes and Im like whoa!!


Even if i dont make the cut im excited to see what everyone cooks up. GL
Have confidence in your skills bruh...but I hear you..;)


The Beat Hamster
*** ill o.g. ***
Battle Points: 1
*** UPDATE ***

All emails have been sent out to the 16 contestants that were chosen. If you didn't make it, please don't look at it as a bad thing - it was very tough to choose 16. I mean, REALLY tough. It always is. I honestly liked all the beats that were submitted so they had to be listened to many times in order to choose the best ones.

The downside is some that didn't make it were members that I've heard better beats from in the past, but the submission that was sent in wasn't as good as their previous beats. That's too bad though but unfortunately we can only choose 16.


I'm still waiting on a few sponsors so even though no other prizes have been listed, I'm hoping to have them posted up by Monday.
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