Beat This! - July 1-2, 2020

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If you got got everything....
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by the way last month 2good became champ, Sire 2nd, Primz 3rd, me 4th and some random muh fuka 5th. forgot. P.s. @DEEZ BEATZ You were 7th. do betta bruh. That's Your crown that 2good be sittin on.

"SOME RANDOM MUH FUKA" only arvin comes up with that shit haha! The same with legit apartment producer! Glad u on here bro! Haha.. got ur hart on ur tongue super funny!!!:up2:;)


Mr Bernard
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What's a "beat off" ?

Vossi Beats

Real name, no gimmicks
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@Fade I was dead last night. Just got resurrected. Can I please send you my beat and join this f'ing glorious battle? Pretty please with vanilla frosting and cream cheese glaze...


The Real SlimSpaceship
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yeah wow the level here is insane, how are some of you guys not making shit dons of $ $ $ already ? hahah :p this could be a really dope compilation on youtube
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illmuzik on youtube

ill resources