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Building a lab from scratch pretty much! My HD 280's came yesterday. Previously I was on iPhone earphones - I'm still not over how good things sound! Been a few years since I had some half-decent cans and these are the most expensive I've had so far.

The Impact LX25+ also came yesterday with the cans, still working out how to do things with it. Nice piece of a gear.

Requisitioned a third, horrible old TV (on the right) to make up my motley crew of computer monitors! Hoping to get some cheapish audio monitors in the next few weeks (Mackie CR4's?) as my only speakers are either the in-built TV ones or that little mono thing you can see on top of the desktop machine.

Samson Meteor mic that I bought a bit back for streaming on Twitch (will be streaming production soon in the "Creative" section! Just want to get a bit more proficient with the LX25 first).

Sorry about the picture quality. It's in the living room and the front window is right behind the monitors.



Nah it's a Nektar Impact LX25+ and honestly, I have no basis for comparison but they feel alright to me y'know?


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Nice! What mixer is that? Behringer?
Yo fade. Yeah behringer x2442 usb. I had the little brother 1832 usb sold that tho could not connect hardware compressor to the main signal. This one has some main ins to it.
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