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Sweaty beats
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@Fury Beats i love that sample very soulful. Overall nicely done, the only thing that I’m noticing is around :051 it feels like that kick is a tad bit off beat, I could be wrong though. But definitely a nice track

Memento Beats

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Funny thing when that pluck appeared around 0:23 at first I thought I received some notification somewhere. :p But jokes aside. Well done remix. I think that vocal is perfectly situated in the mix. Mix is clean. Arrangement is cool. Overall, really good job in my opinion.

Referring to your post about subscription from the previous Showcase section we can do sub for sub if you want. :)

@Matt-D Sounds like a well-rounded mix and overall nice track. Here is a older collab I did with an artist over a year ago.
It's nice. :) I like this track. Maybe vocal could be boosted a little bit but aside from that it's good I think. Main melody is nice. Also as @Matt-D pointed I think that around 0:51 it feels like the kick is off beat.

new beat still in loop form but stretched
Nice bass. I like the melody. Drums are on point.


Prod. Beto
@Matt-D The song is good and I could easily listen to it multiple time. I just feel, talking about a song with vocal, there are too much elements which kinda compete with the vocal line. The drum line is really good, but you can improve the melody and some automations you created. It's more difficult, I can imagine, but you did a good job!

@stcbeats I liked the drums, it's working fine.The melody sounds aggressive, but I think there still have space to some groove, like some connection between the beat and the melody itself

@Memento Beats what a great job with those hihats. It really made me move my neck here haha. The melody is also good, I can't tell you I would change anything here.

Memento Beats

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@prodbeto I'm glad that you like my beat :D Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

As far as your beat is concerned I think that this is my favourite beat of yours so far. Mix is clean. What I like the most is the fact that you exposed drums here. I remember that in your previous beats they were hidden in the background and I didn't enjoy it. :( Here everything has its place. I mean the melody is very good, drums work is great. I like it. :)


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@Matt-D I like what you did with that man, the beat fits very nicely!

@Fury Beats Sick tune bro, the rap is super dope!

@Memento Beats Yo I like that bro, the beat slaps man, the 808 slides are super dope. Feel like the synth is a bit much expecially if you want an artist on that but thats just me good job bro.

@prodbeto Aye really nice lofi vibes, the guitar melody is smooth man, the whole sound choice is awsome.

Would appreciate feedback on my latest, if you feeling generous a sub would be amazing! Trying to grow my platfrom so any help is appreciated and will be returned!



Mister Miyagi Beats
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Hello guys,

I just made this used allot of glides to make a beat tell me what u think about it.

The title kinda tells the truth it's very warm here.

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Mister Miyagi Beats
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I like the drums but some of the sounds are clashing with each other's frequencies. the mix needs help as well. overall good sounds better toward the end.
Yeah aint the greatest in mixing like doing it tho but sometimes just doesnt get there. I think the lows are clashing when the rough part drops in. Hmm i did check them frequenties i kinda cut of the lows to give the kick some more room but it can be the glides too ofcourse. But thank you for your comment yoo.

2GooD Productions

Im back
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Came up with this today with the guy that lives in the room next to mine.

@TjombaBeats Im not sure if I like it or not, seems like too much frequency clash in some parts. It also goes out of key, good for a horror film or something though.

@MickMain I like this, love the atmosphere and the way it stays really interesting. Bass sounds dope.

@prodbeto I really like this, nice reverse effect on the guitar. Like the choice of instruments. Seems like its missing a bassline, I think it needs one.

@Memento Beats I really like this, it gets the battle beat vibe perfectly. Real nice production.
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