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Hey! I'm Nicole! I'm a producer from Toronto who occasionally comes out of her shell enough to actually make some music of my own.

And so, I am creating an open-source, free mixtape as my debut, um, anything? :3

All the stems and the MIDI files, as well as the actual .logicx files and their dependencies are included in the GitHub link right here.

You can listen to the 3 tracks that I've put out so far here:

There'll be another to follow this weekend. They're all available for download as well, on the SoundCloud link.


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ID say the snare could be hittin harder but might just be me. just sounds a little hollow thats all.

You are right about the snare, does sound a little hollow, good observation, thanks, and I like the "cleanupwoman" nice beat, full of life, but the only thing to me is the kick could hit a little harder, other then that it's fire, good job.
hello to everyone, one of my last beats, i know i must learn a lot so i hope you guys can give me some Feedback or advices. sorry for my english :) thank you


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