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Yo Waddup All Hope EV 3 1 's O.K. ....I'm Up Really Late Or Really Early (5:22 AM GMT ) So I Thought I'd Jump Back In To Show N Tell This Aint Nowt Fancy Just A Basic Loop Chop N Shuffle With A Dash Off Bass & A Standard Seasoning Of Drums :biggrin:Ha Cooking Metaphor I'll Check Back 2Moz So I Can Listen On Other Folks Tracks


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New track here, learning as always;

Feedback & support appreciated [and returned where warranted]..

Thanks for checking it out,


*Checking out previous beats to provide feedback now.


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL Love that intro, I think the transition could have been a little smoother into the beat but I love that intro. The beat I think is great love the ambience. I agree about tightening up the vocal loop a bit, at some points it sounds like it goes off time. Everything has it's own space, the mix sounds clean. All the gun sound fx switch-ups were clean and I liked them, even with the fuzz on the samples I think it played nicely with the rest of the beat. Overall good beat, loved the feel of it.

@crosstevsky Loved the intro and how all the elements built up. Everything played really nice together. I would say though that the real buzzy saw sounding lead could have been wetted up a bit I think. In parts it sounds a little disconnected, like maybe automating a reverb to wash it out a bit in parts. But that ending is dope man, love the climax of the whole beat there at the end. Beautiful.

@JTMONEY I love that vocal sample in the beginning. I think the drums come in great and that bass. Sounds very nice, very mellow but comes with some energy for sure. Like someone calmly thinking about doing something serious. I think the beat overall is great. Perfect for what it is if you plan on layering vocals/etc over it. If you were producing it as a stand-alone I think it might be a little sparse at times and could possibly use a few more elements/fx/etc. but overall great beat!


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Cool Thanks For The Critique So Far
Compliments Are Silver
But Criticism Is Gold
@crosstevsky Decent Track Really Gave The Impression Of A Clock Or A Countdown To Something Solid Mix As Well You Can Hear All The Different Percussion Elements The Big Plucking D Bass Was A Solid Choice I Wish I Could Offer Something In The Way Of Constructive Criticism But I Cant Fault This
@JTMONEY Mate That Tagline Is Brilliant At The Start I'm Not A Big 808 Trap Head But As Far I'm Aware It's Key To Nail The Low End Which Is Done Spot On A Creepy Feel To The Melody Which I'm Into Nice Mix Overall Your Obv A Skilled Producer
@csbr Dude Gotta Be Honest I'm Not Feeling This I Really Liked The Drums When They Come In Harder Towards The End But Its Hard To Listen As The Effects On The Music Seem A Bit Untamed & Kind Of Muddy On This End On The Plus It Is A Very Original Idea For A Track
LSD & This Track Would Make For A Unforgettable Evening


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL Thanks for the criticism bro. Took what you said into account and cleaned the mix up slightly. Was going for more of a dirty vibe but I think you were right about it being a bit too untamed and sloppy.

Edit: Added @


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@JTMONEY Thank for the props. I'm glad you like. I like that atmosphere in your beat, your melody is awesome. I would take it off for a chorus/verse thing, melody coming in just in the chorus and you could come up with something else on the verse, so when you bring up the melody again on the second chorus it would have more impact. Your mix sounds decent to me. Your 808 is missing some punch, especially on the low notes, maybe you can mix them with a more punchy kick. I would also dry up the drums a little because there is enough reverb already.
@csbr Thanks for the feedback, yeah... I will change that sound or tweak it, now after you said it...I will go with @C4NTK33P5T1LL I like the last harder drums...your intro is too long for a beat with this length, and I think your pattern is too busy, and the reverb makes it even busier, maybe you should turn down the verb a little, or try increasing the decay...The mix can be better. Keep it up.


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL nice simple old school groove, I kind of wished you kept it on the change-up but I know you didn't want it to be too repetitive but nicely done.
@crosstevsky nice work with the melody I wished the drums (mainly the kick) had more force behind it but the melody can due it's thing without it being so strong. Seems like it's missing something, not a lot, just maybe an extra element but headed in a good direction. Good work sir.
@JTMONEY Nicely done, I love those crispy hi hats and the flow of the beat. Nothing bad to say about this so keep em coming.
@csbr the only thing I would say is shorten up the intro, just my opinion, but other than that had my head nodding especially around 1:22 when it kicks off.

Here is a new remix I did Sunday hope ya'll like it.



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@crosstevsky Intro and overall build up is superb, but melody would need lil bit energy, but its my opinion :), but your beats keep getting better and better, cant wait to hear next :p Good job mate!
@Matt-D Overall pretty interesting stuff, but this type of music aint for me tho and it sound lil bit off for me, but keep up the work! I like that you have balls to mix MJ, many people dont have courage to do this, props for that!
@JTMONEY Fuckin awsome! Gives me YG&Mustard vibes. Keep up the work bruh!
@csbr Interesting, i really wanna like this beat, it has so much potential, but i dont know something is wrong, its lil bit too dirty imo, i still fucks with it. Cant wait to hear next!

Here is my new one, enjoy!



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@Matt-D Nice Idea To Throw MJ Over A Beat
I Really Wanted To Like This But I Just Couldn't Get Into It (Personal Taste N All ) The Key That The Lead Synth Seems A Bit De-Tuned The Lyrics Are A Bit Overwhelming In Terms Of Volume Compared To The Rest Of The Music
Keep On It Brah


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL wow bro.. that's very agressive beat, and it's fuckin fire! Great job!
@Matt-D another great remix bro.. keep it up!

I will post more feedback when more beats are added...
Here is my latest beat, hope you'll like it.. The tittle translated on English means "Bad Luck & Sadness" and the hook is on Serbian language and says the tittle...


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I think its annoying that people write separate posts to comment on separate beats, when you can just comment on everyone's beat all in just one thread...


anyone on the planet with working ears can say "nice mix" to someone, but this is people. when I see dope producers put up cool beats and get comments like that it annoys me

anyway im at work and wanted to share a beat with you all...but first ill check out some of your guys shiznit...

@C4NTK33P5T1LL this has a dope vibe to it, about ready to battle someone to this shit lol...ive heard these sample loops used a lot of times big deal, but the choir ohs sound a little way too off beat for my you arranged the hook to that sample was my favorite part it got serious really quick during the hook...overall not bad

@crosstevsky hello, awesome sound selections...makes for a great vibe im loving the xylophone melody or whatever it is you used...this was cool to listen to I hear all the work you put in this, loved the percussion but not so much the kick patterns but overall I liked this beat

@JTMONEY nice beat im listening to it for anything I haven't heard before...seems like a cool beat but beats like this are hard for me to get excited about. respect though this has a cool vibe throughout

@csbr cool man nice to see that your learning. this is a great website to learn from. very trippie sounding sample, cant really explain what kind of sound that is but it is very bold my mind this has an asap ferg type of potential that drum pattern that comes around 1:28 or so :biggrin::up2::woot::cool::eek: fire my dude...this was dope to listen to thanks for sharing that

@Matt-D I don't mind the complete revamp of the sounds in a remix, because that's the whole point...but this is a classic example of the overuse of effects on fruity loops put into the times my sensory's overload from the amount of misdirection in the not saying its bad...because I feel if it were atleast in the correct key note with the vocals this possibly could've sound a lot better sonically...but this made me have a migraine...sorry

@PlatinumBeats chuckie laugh:up2: its only my opinion but I hate stock sound effects, especially when it comes to gun shots...I mean if your really bout that life why not go outside with a mic and pop a few shots...and then sample that, atleast it would be original and wouldn't sound like a fake video game gunshot...oh and this beat was ok I wasn't really motivated by it at loving the keys but too mellow and chill for me

@Copyno :up2:

@Kod4R sup champ, joining the old school train are we? :biggrin: there are issues with distortion because some of your sounds are too loud and that sample needs some work cuz its not eq'd at all it sounds like...this is a cool beat but its hard to listen to since its not mixed at all it seems...and its just my opinion but I would stick to saying kod4r beats just once or maybe 2wice and that's it...



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Oki doke I'm Adding These As They Come In Not Commenting Multiple Times To Annoy Anyone Just A Fb 4 Fb Sort Of Thing Also I'm Kind Of An Attention Whore Anyway I'll Get Down To It
@Kod4R This Is Creepy Mate I Like This Its Only That The Vocals Seem A Bit Pressed Up If Ya Get Me & It Kind Of Gives That Unwelcome Buzz At The Loudest Parts Of It Otherwise Its A Decent Track
@dBtheProducer I Sort Of Wanted To Not Like This But I Gotta Bump The Screen In Respect I Really Do Like It I Listened Twice To Find Something To Pick At But I Enjoyed It. I Proper Like Your Sampled Stuff If I'm Remembering Past Uploads Correctly Just 1 More Thing .....Nice Mix (Sorry I Couldn't Resist) :rolleyes:


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@PlatinumBeats chuckie laugh:up2: its only my opinion but I hate stock sound effects, especially when it comes to gun shots...I mean if your really bout that life why not go outside with a mic and pop a few shots...and then sample that, atleast it would be original and wouldn't sound like a fake video game gunshot...oh and this beat was ok I wasn't really motivated by it at loving the keys but too mellow and chill for me
Its just tag im using on my beats nothing else, thanks for feedback tho


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL very hard beat! It bothers me a little that your choir is sometimes offbeat. But your baseline is sooo evil (in a good way)!

@crosstevsky also a dark beat, i like it! It's interesting that you go an octave down with your staccato in the second part. In my opinion your Synth Pad in the hook has to bright high frequencies, it swells out from the well fitting background to the front and is too present (but just in the second hook, because you play it an octave or two higher I guess)

@JTMONEY Your Beat has a very nice drum programming! It is also a kinda dark beat. Your Kick and your 808 baseline are kicking very good! But for my taste, I would take a little bit of the reverb out of the drums. It gives me the feeling that I'm in a very large empty hall. But what also would work is when you take the high frequencies with a high shelf filter for 3-5 dB down, so the hihats don't hiss to much. Still nice beat!

@csbr the title of the beat fits perfectly to the mood of your beat. I like your drums, they sound like hard, but not harsh and kinda feel very comfortable to listen to, a good mix. Like your arrangement & the phaser or modulator you put on your instrument which is playing the main theme. Nothing to complain about.

@Matt-D I like to listen to your stuff, you do interesting remixes and you improve more and more, that's why I like your stuff. For me the Kick is way to flat, this song deserved some more punch in the kick section! The chord progression is very nice, but in the hook, there is a chord which is bugging me. It bites with the tone mj is singing. Where he sings "you really TURN ME on", there is a chord which doesn't fit so well for me. Also mj is getting a little bit in the background when all of your instruments are playing. In the mix you could give his voice a little more space by taking away the frequencies on the instruments where his voice is located, I would guess around 1,5 kHz to 4 kHz. But I like what you made!

@PlatinumBeats In the beginning (I guess it's the hook) it sounds unnatural that the strings are playing the same rhythm like the piano, you could get a more interesting sound by giving the strings a different rhythm, maybe just a pad playing the root notes of the chords. I kinda have the feeling that your 808 baseline has not the same tune like the first chord of your loop, sounds somehow too deep. Your kick and 808 hit hard, like that!

@Copyno nice beat! Would love to hear someone rap over it! A lot of switch ups and your brass sounds very hard, love that! Nothing to complain.

@Kod4R I like your beat, very great arrangement! One thing that I felt was not so tight is the starting point of your sample with the voice, I guess it's the hook sample. I guess it's starting to early or plays to fast, before it sings aaaaaaaaah it seems out of sync. But the rest is very nice!

@dBtheProducer Great sample flip, the chops of your sample are very clean and made my head bump. The switch up with the strings is just perfect! Your baseline has a little to much mids in my opinion, would be nice if it would be more cutoff'd and your kick a little bit punchier. It would be awesome in my opinion! Great work though!!

Here's my beat. Let me know what I can improve!
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