Digging Wudge-U-Cop-While-Digging-Today?


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Grabed a few things yesterday.....

Stylistics-Fabulous (not the best stylistics album but still some stuff to be flipped also just some nice listening)

Commodores-Live! (4 sides of the Commodores for a few bucks how could you go wrong)

Dan Fogelberg & Tom Weisberg Twin Sons pf Different Mothers (I love Tom Weisberg and think he's a mad flute player. This album is a pretty experimental and not really what I expected but there is still some great stuff on here)

Mekon-Revenge of the Mekon (some weird English....trip-hop i guess is how id describe it.....I dont know its weird and really good check em out!)

And last but not least the 7 inch....

Pavement-Father to a Sister of Thought (not for sampling, but if you are into underground 90s alt rock and dont know who Pavement is slap yourself in the face right now...Thankyou)

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