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    RIP Isaac Hayes

    RIP Mr. Hayes, I wish I had met him to just listen to what he had to say about music, I got the chance passing encounter with him before minister Farakhan went on at the Vista hotel in DC the morning of the million man march back in the 90's.
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    myspace sound qualitity question

    For me it is hit or miss, it seems that it sort of depends on the encoder you use, for instance , since i am on mac it seems like the itunes converter is possibly inferior to even my soundforge encoder i used on my pc, another producer i collab with also agreed, right now i use the converter...
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    Once a top producer, Storch's musical empire falls

    More money more problems, always True.
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    New nas song N.I.G.G.E.R

    Lyrics are overshadowing that track by miles, there is something about this joint leaves me sort of empty though and again it could be that track, I will listen some more but I am going to get that green lantern joint and listen to it, NAS is the goat on wordplay and writing and since his time...
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    Souljah Boy & Ice-T going at it!

    basically I dont keep up with Soljah boy, I think that his songs using the same beats and being for the kids is novel and to me never taken seriously or just joints to get you on the floor at the club , ya feel me, I really never gave much thought to him representing hip hop to a great extent so...
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    Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3

    ok I see where you coming from now, I thought you were saying my statement was ridiculous, it's all good I'm over it though that's my last reply in the thread I think we can say that a lot of people here on Ill are not feeling this particular body of work overall.
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    Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3

    I don't know who is speakin' about dude in the same breath as Biggie or Nas. That isn't warranted, a ridiculous argument at this point. Sorry if I got you all upset, but have you been reading a lot of the articles out there in the media and at some sites ? I am not the one bringing...
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    Billboard: Lil Wayne Cracks 1 Million With 'Tha Carter III'

    Yeah when I heard that cut it sounded sorta like Jay morphing from Lil Wayne Style or mocking him slightly I tried to make that out myself, but he paid J a nice cut for that half or quarter LOl.
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    Billboard: Lil Wayne Cracks 1 Million With 'Tha Carter III'

    I got it, just to listen, this is not a Classic by any means or stretch of the imagination and if anything it is a run of the mill project, if not for the beats he lacks a lot of depth and skill, he coming up short on lyrics to do these tracks complete justice, what a shame, just a few weak...
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    Too much gear not enough skillz

    Actually a combination of things will help, if you had someone that actually is good at playing thats a good person to hook up with to teach you stuff on the fast track with keys, or get videos, or as you suggested and I have also done is get midi files of the stuff that is out right now, I use...
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    Too much gear not enough skillz

    Yeah man you are suffering from gear overload and it sounds like it is blocking your expression and creativity, I never owned more than one sampler at a time, and only really ever had 1 workstation at a time, I switched out or traded up etc as one would not fit my needs etc or I gigged in a...
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    Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3

    It's hard for him to lose with those 2 tracks they are both very good joints instrumentally, I mean myself I am most definitely in no way feeling Lil Wayne, I think it was an accident that he gained the status that he has to date, there are so many rappers out here with much more artistic skill...
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    Some New Smash Brothers Music!

    loving the overall sound and vibe of what you guys are doing, keep going you'll get some dividends soon! I like the rapping myself its sort of hard edged, sort remind me of some MOP but not as extreme.
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    Getting The Best From Quick Punch & Track Punch

    Elementree, I have a question, do you have protools on mac or pc? I recently moved to mac but i had protools digi 001 since 5.x and subsequently over that time moved up to 6.4 running on pc and xp for the last 7 years, I found a big difference once i upgraded to the 003, 7.4 and Mac the most...
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    Auto Tune plugin suggestions

    Yeah imma agree Melodyne is pretty amazing

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