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    The new ILL...

    Looks gr8 ... RSS feeds for new post would be dope then I could have them come straight to my phone ... DOPE !!
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    *** Beat This! June 17, 2012 Voting ***

    How does someone have 3 votes at one point and now only has 2? ... lol
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    Beats Weekly Name

    Just "The Beat" ... Its all about the Beat !!
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    *** Beat This! June 12, 2011 Voting ***

    1. 420Beatz 2. Skidflow 3. UNORTHODOX 4. BountyP 5. Sent_inc
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    help with total workstation2 and flstudio

    In the channel menu it says MORE .... Click MORE and then go to bottom of new window it says refresh and then click fast scan and it should find new plugins and then click on the box on the left side of the name so u can make it a favorite and it should now show up in the channel menu .... Hope...
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    Social Sites Taking Over?

    What about a Cell phone app ??? .... I wana try and fig out how to make a app for my radio station stream ... maybe u can get a app for ur forum so people can stay in touch all day long like they do facebook .... Just a thought
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    Off Topic Show Your Setup!

    SubBoomBass is the CHIT !!!
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    "Dig This" is one of my Favs ....
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    Am I the only one who is ready to see the end of dirty south?

    You cant blame no one but the consumer for making these Barney rappers as big as they are ... I love you, You love me,
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    Since The Marshall Mather album he only had like 4 dope songs to me .... I wish the old EM would return .... I catch bits of his return here and there like drop the bomp and on fire but other than that GARBAGE !!! .... I still listen to Marshall album .... DOPEST SHIT EVER
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    Second player for myspace?

    Just open another myspace account and add all the music u can there and open the source for it and get the code for that player and add it to ur main myspace account ... I told a friend same thing and he had 5 diff players on his page ... LoL ... Over kill at its best ....
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    Thx Dacalion .... I wish I would get back into the music like I do graphics ... lol
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    Its called Cinema 4D .... So many tuts on youtube ... U can almost learn anything on youtube .... U can peep more of my images I have been playing with at my blog ...
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    I been working with Cinema 4D
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    Yea I was gonna say I got a few of yall on them a year or so back ..... DOPE !!!

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